Hoboken Farms Sandwich Shop

Hoboken Farms: Worth the trip to Summit, NJ

Hoboken Farms is known for many great things – one, their fabulous selection of tasty breads, cheeses, pasta and more at the Uptown Hoboken Farmers Market, and their award-winning Marinara Sauce.

But one thing many Hoboken residents may NOT know, is the fantastic Hoboken Farms Sandwich Shop, located at 789 Springfield Avenue in Summit, NJ.

Hoboken deli’s should take a trip up there and see how a sandwich shop should be run.

For one, you have an extremely interesting blend of items on the menu – with many of them vegetarian AND Gluten-free.

The staff there was incredibly friendly and communicative with their customers, and they even had cool things you could do while you waited, like choose from a big collection of record albums (like Led Zeppelin for instance) and you can spin your own tunes!

It kind of stinks that because of steep rents in the Mile Square, and a not so business-friendly city administration – we probably will never see Hoboken Farms ever open up here. But if you’re out shopping at places like Short Hills Mall – make sure you find a way to stop by and take some tasty grub home. (And if they have meatballs when you do – stock up on them. A grand-slam home run for sure).

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Thursday, October 27, 2011 6:53 pm

Omg had it once and place is amazing! Even got Doms bread which made it even better. Both amazing places 😀

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