Happy 4th!

Barring any fruity crimes, fires or other incidents, today will be a quiet day!

Have fun with whatever you choose to do, eat or drink today. Let’s be safe and enjoy our independence!

A few items of interest around the web today:

  • A quick overview of the fireworks in our area.
  • An new twist to the Macy*s show this year, exploding shells in the water!
  • SmartLink (read: “EzPass” for mass transit commuters) makes it’s official debut today.
  • The “Dog Poop Hall of Shame” (originally coined the “Poop Offender Zone” here on Hoboken411 months ago) is still making news, even nationally! Syndicated via NBC news in Colorado, Florida, and Portland!
  • Hoboken’s own J.Wiley is creating a “GPS for Dummies” device for people that are navigationally AND technically challenged. “Our GPS Navigation For Dummies PND will provide new and existing consumers with a truly easy-to-use experience, thanks to its unique For Dummies software application and user manual,” added Valade. “We are very excited that our customers will soon be able to experience this new user interface.”


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[quote comment=”33151″]I will admit that when it comes to cleaning up after the dog that I always bring a bottle of water with me as well as a bag. I can’t stand the idea of the dog peeing on the street and then just leaving it there. It’s just so gross.

So, I like the idea of the bags being donated by a resident dog owner, I have about 3000 plastic bags under my sink and I hate to just throw them away. I was thinking of placing them at one of the parks for the dog owners. But, I obviously don’t want to just leave them sitting on a bench of something like that… So, how do I do this? Is there a box for the bags that I can place them into or is this a dumb idea?[/quote]
At Elysian their are containers to put your donated bags. They are plastic “things” made just for that purpose.


[quote comment=”33155″]I can’t see how anyone can ever honestly say they don’t have a poop bag. Between all of the bagged copies of the NYT, WSJ, Star Ledger, Hoboken Reporter or the circulars that are constantly in front of people’s front doors, there are always more than enough bags available.

And as for the comment about not tossing your dog’s poo in a non-city trash cans, what’s the big deal? Provided the bag has been tied at the top, how bad can it stink up someone’s trash when our garbage is collected four times a week?[/quote]

Only issue I had was I was out walking a dog with a plastic bag – the dog did her business and I cleaned it up with the bag. Then we are walking back home and the dog is pooping again! I didn’t think to bring TWO bags, I was figuring she would do her pooping in one shot.

So learn from my mistake, bring more than one bag.


[quote comment=”33176″]Word to to wise, do not let Joey Chestnut use your bathroom.[/quote]

Does he have any relation to Paulie Walnuts?


Word to to wise, do not let Joey Chestnut use your bathroom.



My dog sometimes decides on a walk to go 3 times yeah she is a machine. I usually go looking for a hoboken reporterif i run out. As far as throwing dog doody in someone else’s grabarge can I encorage it. i would rather have dog doody in my can than in front of my house. I don’t think it’s illegal garbage is garbage people.