City Hall promotes Fireworks

Went to City Hall yesterday to observe the Council Inaugurations. And for the second time in a week, I noticed this stack of pamphlets advertising a fireworks vendor (in PA I believe). I thought the first time I saw them, they’d be removed immediately. I guess not. I should have taken one for memorabilia.

I’ll give it 60 minutes and they’ll be gone.

What next, promoting drunk driving? Oh wait, they already do that. Doh!


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nothing is controlled by any means. You should try parking your car there on Dec 31st.


Maybe the fireworks getting set off by the cops are fireworks confiscated from folks who buy them in PA or DE and bring them across state lines. They are just disposing of all that contraband in a controlled manned down on Bloomfield during New Year’s.


Just had a bit of nostalgia from a time way back when my kid brother scraped together $100 and ordered from an outfit in Ohio that advertised in the back of some magazine.

One day a truck pulls up in front of the house and a guy wheels three boxes of stuff to the door. Brother signs for it and the truck leaves.

What a haul! This was more than the usual bricks of firecrackers and bottle rockets. He had bombs, rockets, mini mortar-looking things, and other stuff that I couldn’t recognize. The kid then sold off a third of his stash and recouped his outlay.

And so began a summer involving bottle rocket wars between armed neighborhood kids, setting a neighbor’s lawn on fire (it was August and an accident), and igniting a cedar bush with a roman candle (the ball curved left, I swear).

It was great.


maybe the are setting a sting operation to stop the people coming back over the state line.


Here’s what happens when you take say$25 worth of minor fireworks to shelter island. While crossing the river to get there some bomb sniffing dog gets a wiff of the massive amount of explosives and the next thing your on all the networks as a homegrown terrorist.