Happy Morning – Hit & Run

Due to the 4th of July week/weekend, the deserted city of Hoboken is a good place to get away with a nice hit & run accident.

This was the scene on 11th & Bloomfield yesterday morning. One neighbor “remembered hearing something” around 4:30am, but didn’t make anything of it. The HPD created a case number and left a note for the unfortunate owner.

Blatant disregard to people’s property.


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I am guilty of bumping and tapping people and I never leave a note. I do not feel guilty or shameful either. My car, much like every other car in Hoboken has had that done to it. My bumpers are riddled with scratches, marks, dings and, dents from other drivers trying to park. I sat outside my apt talking to a friend and watched a girl hit my car 4 times trying to get into the spot. I finally went up to her knocked on the window and asked her for her insurance information. She was freaked out and froze like a deer in headlights. She asked why and I told her becuase I watched her hit my car 4 times. She gave me the information and left. I never filed a complaint, I did it just to freak her out. She probably just moved her car around the corner and did it to someone else but, at least I had fun wiht it…

Tama Murden

Re 17., yes, it’s called “parking by braille.”

And re out-of-state vehicles w/resident parking permits…some folks reportedly get their employers to write a letter that the out-of-state-registered car is needed for business. And then there are all the folks who have some “in” w/the HPU.

Yes, the car ins. in NJ is more expensive. But if you choose to live in Hoboken, then register your car in NJ.
TS is you don’t like the ins. rates here. It’s about not always trying to get over. How about, for a change, doing the right thing?

What a concept, esp. for this town….

I’m hopeful that a decently ethical mayor will replace Roberts & one of his/her first orders of business will be to fire that bottom-feeder example of a public servant, HPU Director, John Corea. He’s beyond disgraceful.


parking is always a problem in this town, i see people squeezing into spaces that they barely fit in and “tap” and “bump” the cars in front and back to leave an inch or two of space between them and i bet they dont leave notes.

also, how can cars with out of state plates get hoboken parking permits (see these all the time), dont you need to show that the car is registered in NJ to get a hoboken permit?!?

i feel bad for the car with paint and the one that was hit. what goes around comes around.


The city should have forced that company to produce ALL their cars at the police station for inspection or risk losing their license to do business in Hoboken. That is inexcusable that the company could cover up a crime that their driver committed AND the local cops couldn’t find the car that did it. Which cab company? I want to know which one to avoid from now on.


[quote comment=”32981″]
Who hits one car, continues, and then hits another car, only then deciding it would be proper to turn their steering wheel and leave the scene?[/quote]

Well, speaking from past experience I can say that there is at least one Indian Way livery car driver who did exactly this, on a wide-open street (one of the wider one-ways in town) in broad daylight with no double-parked vehicles in sight. Sideswiped my car to the tune of nearly $4000, continued past the open space for the hydrant, clipped the back of the girl downstairs’ SUV, then took off in a mighty hurry. Last I heard from my insurance company before they paid the bill was that the HPD was “unable” to track the vehicle down. This was back when only one livery company in town operated dark blue Chevy Caprices (the cop had the parts which fell off the livery car)