Smoke conditions near PATH


Freelance photographer Ray Perfetti was near the scene last night and sent these great pictures in to share with the readers.


11:48pm Update:

Progress from the fire. HFD is “cautiously optimistic” that they’ve contained the fire due to the compartmentalized nature of the building. They’re continuing with water from the hydraulic ladder.

11:44pm Update:

2nd Alarm. Port Authority has notified HFD “not to enter the building”. High-voltage inside and multiple dangerous shafts. They are to attack the fire from the exterior only.

PATH service has been suspended.

In the area near 54 Hudson Place, it was reported that there was a “large odor of smoke”. It’s apparently coming from that building across the street from Hobson’s.

Listening to the live police scanner, I learned something about that building. It’s apparently a large warehouse type of facility that is used (or was used) to service the PATH trains. There’s a large elevator shaft in there that can lift the PATH trains off the tracks for repairs, etc.

Apparently there were some “squatters” in there, and may have caused a fire. HFD is using extreme caution as the try to diagnose the source of the smoke. It sounds like it’s a very precarious layout and they’re “bringing lines” in to extinguish the fire. They found the source of the heat (behind a door), and also noted there is a large smoke condition coming from the second floor.


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I got to the train at 7:55am, people were streaming out of the station. Waited a bit, then resigned myself to take the ferry. Got off at WTC and walked (what a big mistake) to my office about 12 blocks away.

Beyond cold this morning with the wind. It was like someone was hitting my head with a hammer.


commuting is so annoying! today’s mess didn’t help out my new year’s resolution to make it to work on time! 😈


Just got a PATH alert stating that the WTC/33rd Street lines are operating w/a 15 minute delay.


Path was shut down this morning. Took me about an hour half to get to work. man, i hope this is cleared up tonite.


I take the ferry home every so often, so they don’t expire on me. However, a two month window isn’t that kind for the not-so-frequent commuter.