Residential condos tagged with graffiti

Graffiti becoming rampant in Hoboken, NJ

Over the weekend, several residential buildings on Hudson Street were “tagged” with graffiti, along with signs, and other random objects.

This sight is normally not seen in this area of Hoboken.

Graffiti decreases property value, attracts more crime

It’s generally known that if graffiti becomes more prevalent in a particular area of a city, one might perceive that section of town as unsafe, undesirable, dilapidated.

If allowed to continue, it can have an adverse effect on property values as well. The County of Gwinnett, Georgia stated that in neighborhoods with noticeable graffiti, your property values can be reduced as much as 15%!

Not good in Hoboken, especially in this economy.

Enforcement & plan of action needed

Other cities, such as Riverside, California actually have specific programs and resources dedicated to combating this unsightly phenomenon. Graffiti maps, community involvement, an actual “action plan,” and much more.

While I’ve seen more and more spots with graffiti in Hoboken, I hope this is just a passing trend, and not as a result of police cutbacks and other city hall mismanagement.

graffiti map riverside california - Residential condos tagged with graffiti

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There a couple of products on the market that when applied will not stop the graffiti but all that is need is a hose to rinse it off.

The Professor
The Professor

This is a shame. Aren’t there cameras around near such a busy intersection? Like Riverside, CA, Hoboken should have a plan!


The plan from the city will be “ignore the problem and hope it goes away.”


Low life’s 👿 .