“Guy Going Wild”

hoboken lunatic - "Guy Going Wild"1st Street near Madison. Several calls of a “man going nuts” on the street. Possible 10-29 (intoxicated person). Male in his 50’s, blue jeans and black hat and also has a black mountain bike.

I bet it was just a normal person who, despite it being a “shore weekend”, ended up parking 12 blocks from his house after a ball-breaking day at work.

He got home to realize that his dog crapped all over the place, then ate his only copy of the thesis he just finished after three months of hard work. He then opened his mail to realize that his rent was increasing 25% for the second time this year.

Wanted to drown his miseries in alcohol, he went to the ATM to withdraw some cash and discovered that someone stole his identity and he had no money left. With the $5 he had left in his pocket, he went to the local bar only to find out that they raised the prices to $6, and he was totally out of luck.

He went bezerk.

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I live on Madison and saw him as I was driving home from work. He was standing on the east corner of Madison and First screaming at himself, smacking his hand with a sock or something.

I promptly stopped and said, “Councilman Campos, are you alright?”.

OK, so that second part wasn’t true. But the dude was definitely out there throwing a fit for a while. Aside from his actions, he looked like he hadn’t bathed or changed his clothes in a looooong time….most certainly a homeless guy.

Tama Murden

3. JAH: So you’re a “maroon”?

(What IS that, 411, a beet-colored moron?)

Perhaps it’s all the ozone from this heat-wave, but in addition to the middle-aged break-dancer, there was also a man who seemed floridly psychotic, at 5th & Washington St., today, around 3:30 p.m. The friend I was with said he’d seen this man before, but it was my first encounter.

He did seem to be enjoying himself greatly, so at least a saving grace that he wasn’t paranoid & delusional. He was quite pear-shaped, seemed very openly “flaming” (& seemed to be enjoying playing that up, both in speech & gesture).

What was especially amusing was this man’s encounter, in front of East L.A. That heart-attack-waiting-to-happen, poster-child for morbid-obesity (who never seems to show up for most Zoning Board meetings & he’s a member—guess he’s off at the racetrack), Alex Corrado, was smoking a huge (& very stinky) stogie, as were some of his equally unhealthy-looking friends.

Mr. Pear-Shaped-in-My-Own-World-&-Loving-It started a very provocative bump & grind, w/commentary, as he approached Alex C. & friends.

Wish I’d had video-cam. Quite choice.


Full moon, man. This is only the beginning…


There is no need to call me names.