Canis Minor Ice Cream Social

oscar-yawning-cropped.jpgNow that I am a pet owner, I’m getting invited to all these great gatherings!

Over in nearby Jersey City, Canis Minor is hosting it’s second annual pet social. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and cooler this weekend, so I’ll check it out! Did anyone go to last years event?

“Good afternoon,

Congratulations on your new four-legged friend, Oscar!

I saw your blog today, and I thought you might be interested in a pet-friendly event taking place just around the corner from Hoboken, in the Newport section of Jersey City (along the waterfront) this Saturday. The Canis Minor Pet Boutique is hosting its second annual “Canis Minor Ice Cream Social.” The event will feature free “Frosty Paws” ice cream for pups as well as tasty treats for owners. In addition, more than a half-dozen animal rescue groups will be at the event, so if you have any friends looking to jump on the bandwagon and foster pups, this would be a great opportunity.

Here are some additional details:

Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2007
Time: 12pm-5pm

Rain Date: Sunday, July 1st, 2007
Time: 12pm-5pm

Location: Canis Minor Pet Boutique
Near 31 River Drive in the Newport neighborhood, Newport Town Square, located between Town Square Place and River Drive South

Canis Minor Pet Boutique website:

Hope to see you and Oscar there!

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I couldn’t agree with you more Tama. Oscar is a handsome pooch. Good luck to you both. 😛

Tama Murden

Dear 411:

Just work that dog-angle, why don’t you? (I mean that nicely!)

And keep posting more pics of your black-tongued Oscar pal! Goodness, he looks so very delightful. And so very happy–which is what matters most!

Again, good for you to have given him his loving “forever home” (as we say in the dog-rescue/adoption community).

Good on you!