Hudson Place traffic concerns

In the last week, Hoboken411 reader “Litterboken” had expressed some concerns about the intersection at Hudson Street and Hudson Place, considering it a “death trap”.

You can see some of the comments on the New Stop Sign post in the last week.

Planning to collect signatures yesterday, the reader found out some information about what may happen at that intersection:

“Hi 411,

I had truly planned to get myself out today, petitioning citizens and demanding that a stop sign or light be put up at this potential deathtrap of an intersection. However, before dragging my card table down to the Starbucks, I spoke to kindly Hoboken Information czar Bill (or Bob?) Carpenter, ext. 2222. He told me that the City has indeed applied for a traffic sign be put up there, but now we’re waiting on the state to complete a “traffic study” of the intersection. He reminded me it took 2 years to get that light at the PATH. But there is indeed a confirmed order in, so here’s to hoping our luck crossing the street holds out in the meantime.

I told him I would spread the word, since many people were curious and there wasn’t anything official known, and naturally turn to you to help in that respect.

Thanks for the site!!



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They were finally installing the traffic signals at Hudson & Newark this morning.. Thank god…
Now they need to start handing out tickets to the idiots who will ignore the crosswalk signs, thinking that their need to get to the PATH is more important than abiding by the law…


fazio21, I couldn’t agree with you more, but after having a driver try to deliberately run me down in this intersection the other night, I’m pretty fed up with it. Everyone knows this is a bad intersection (for both drivers and peds, of which I am both), but it seems like someone will have to actually be killed before it become urgent to fix it.

I’m glad a fix is in progress, but it would be great if something could be done in the interim, like stationing a cop there, or installing a camera so we’ll all know whether the fatality was caused by an iPod-oblivious moron or a homicidal driver…


As a hoboken resident for over 12-years, I have seen plenty of irresponsible pedestrians. If they has some common sense and were more respectful of drivers, safety would not be an issue. While the law states that cars must yield to walkers in an intersection, it does not absolve them of their responsibility for their own safety. Here is part of the NJ law …

“no pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield. Nothing contained herein shall relieve a pedestrian from using due care for his safety.”