NYC power outages

Is this a sign of things to come in Hoboken when we have a REAL heatwave?

From 7Online:

Scattered power outages in NYC

Subway service affected as result of outages
nyc blackout - NYC power outagesWABC Eyewitness News

(New York-WABC- June 27, 2007) – Con Ed is tells Eyewitness News that several thousand customers are without power in various parts of New York City.
Con Ed says the situation happened shortly after 3 p.m.

The affected areas include the east side of Manhattan and the Southwest Bronx.

The source of the power problems is not yet known, although published reports say an explosion this afternoon at an electrical substation is the cause.

Con Ed reports at least 78,000 customers in Manhattan without power. and in the Bronx 57,000 customers in the Bronx without power.

Con Ed says they are investigating the possibility of lightning strike somewhere on their system.

A lighting strike at an upstate substation that triggered the 1977 blackout that left NYC without power for a day and a half.

But again, con Con Ed has not confirmed the source of the problem.

In Manhattan the affected area is roughly bounded buy E. 77th st to the south and E 110th st to the north and from 5th avenue to the East River.

The Transit Authority tells us that service is affected on the 4, 5 and 6 lines, as well as on the E and Z lines, as well as the D line. The problem there is that signals, which run on AC power from Con Ed are inoperative.

The trains themselves run on DC power and they are still able to move but without signals,

There are serious service disruptions on those subway lines.

Metropolitan hospital and Mount Sinai hospital are on emergency power

Stay with Eyewitness News and for team coverage on today’s weather and power outages.

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