Hocking stolen GPS units

A report of a hispanic male on a red mountain bike, black backpack attempting to sell one of multiple GPS units to a male passerby. He believed them to be stolen. Last known direction of flight: West on Newark Street from Willow Ave.

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Where does one obtain crime statistics for Hoboken? There seems to be a fair amount (subjective of course) of petty crime. We heard screams about a mugging and assault by a woman on 2nd Street between Washington and Bloomfield Street at about 3:30 am early Thursday morning. We called the police and they eventually showed up and the victims turned up again and gave a report – from what it sounded like. A few weeks ago I heard police officers shouting “hands against the wall” (against the Tutta Pasta restaurant area on 2nd street) and am just wondering how one can find some solid information about statistics about crime in Hoboken.