Is Hoboken too noisy for you?

Is noise in Hoboken acceptable for a city?

Hoboken411 reader Ariel shares her thoughts about the amount of noise the mile-square city has.

Do you agree or disagree?

Is Hoboken NJ too noisy - Is Hoboken too noisy for you?

Crazy noise at all hours in Hoboken!

“I live on Madison and Observer hwy, and am fully aware I am living next to the fire station and signed up for it. However, on numerous occasions (all the time) the fire dept. does “drills” at really late hours where they go out with sirens blaring, go around the block and come back which then warrants back up beeping. This whole process takes about 15min and happens about 5x a night at least.

Another noise complaint would be the sirens from cop cars. If its 2am and no one is on the road, do we really need the sirens? Wouldn’t lights be sufficient?

Lastly, the garbage trucks collecting glass (see Hoboken411 Video)… the garbage trucks themselves don’t make all that much noise and that’s at about 11pm, so I totally understand that’s fine. However, the people collecting glass do so at 4AM! It sounds like someone is breaking my window, that’s how loud it is. Why are they doing this at an insane hour?

In other cities such as Princeton, NJ they have “quiet times” so that people can eat dinner/sleep/watch tv in peace.

Thanks for the consideration,

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Hoboken has always been loud. It use to be boom boxes, blasting car stereos and car alarms, not so much anymore but it’s still loud, just different. Some things never change like loud bars, trash and recycle pickups and the parade of drunk and obnoxious a–holes (mostly on the weekends). For us, in addition to usual noises we have the occasional ambulance siren since we’re near the hospital.

Life in Hoboken is noisy but you still need to find a way to get a good night’s sleep. With a bedroom in the front of the building we have tried a lot of things and this has been the best: Marpac SleepMate 980! ( ) I took a couple of days to get use to but it works great and it was worth every penny!!!


A city with life has to have sound 😛

Skooba Steve
Skooba Steve

I’m new in town so I’ve given myself some time to get used to the sounds of the city. At this point I’m happy to say I’m hardly disturbed by the sirens, the crowds of people or even the drone of ‘drum and bass’ coming from the club across the street. Although as someone who routinely sleeps through intense thunder storms I still find it troubling that I’m regularly jolted awake by the noise of glass pickups well into the night (just after 2:30am this past week).


NJ law states that any emergency vehicle is required to have their sirens on any time the emergency lights are on.


Oh lord don’t get me started. WAY TOO LOUD, and I’m nowhere near one of the thoroughfares (6th/Grand). Biggest complaints:
– Garbage collection between 1-3am, really?
– Sirens at all times of day/night – even when there is zero traffic. The number of sirens in this tiny town is mind boggling.
– Useless car alarms
– Drunks leaving Willie McBrides at 2-3am on Fridays and Saturdays. Great neighbors!

List goes on.