Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 9/30/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: September 30, 2011

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 12:30am (10/1/2011): Drunk needs medical assistance
    Ambulance was dispatched to 616 Washington St. for “an intoxicated male.” Do most medical plans cover obnoxious consumption of alcohol?
  • 12:10am (10/1/2011): Loud group
    Residents called HPD about a “loud group on the outside” of 1301 Grand Street. Who the hell gets loud in the rain outside? People that are angry about rain.
  • 7:30pm: Car accident
    Reports of an auto accident at Newark & Madison Streets. No one reported hurt (physically at least). “Hoboken Accidents on Demand.”
  • 1:10pm: Foot Pursuit; Shots Fired!
    Reports of a Police foot pursuit coming into Hoboken from Jersey City. Near Newark & Harrison Streets (down from Plank Road) – and shots were fired. Multiple Jersey City, Hudson County Sheriffs and Hoboken cops converging on the scene along with K9 units. JCPD apprehended ONE suspect at 1:12pm – and indicated that up to three or four other suspects are at large (possible armed). The suspects are known to be black and Hispanic males, at least one with dreadlocks and a white t-shirt, and another Hispanic male with black hoodie.
    1:15pm: A second suspect was arrested near 38 Jackson Street.
    1:18pm: Around six or seven shots were fired up the hill in Jersey City Heights, and this group of armed men fled in two directions – half towards Hoboken, and half in Jersey City. The car these men were traveling in was a 1994 Toyota Corolla. All were believed to be armed, and no word on yet if anyone was shot.
    1:20pm: Search underway in SW Hoboken for suspects – K9 units requested. “Many warehouse buildings and entrances to search…” (650 Newark Street in Hoboken – near the train trestle.)
    1:25pm: One gun recovered near the Hoboken Business Center parking lot.
    1:30pm: Cops having a tough time with this hectic situation, due to the large search area. Police units are needed to monitor the perimeter, prevent traffic from interfering as well as interior building searches. One suspect is known to possibly live at 501 Marshall Drive.
    1:35pm: Two other suspects are currently being questioned who left 50 Harrison Street – one male, one female.
    1:40pm: Hoboken Business Center currently under lock-down. “No one is to leave the building.” Perimeter surrounded.
    2:00pm: Wow – this gets nuttier! The two suspects that JCPD had stopped for questioning earlier, were released – but then were spotted leaving the scene in a green 2-door Acura – with an Hispanic male “hiding in the back seat.” They chased the car up the hill into Jersey City, and pulled it over. More shots were fired before ALL THREE suspects were arrested. Crazy scene!

More updates to come!

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Did they rob a bus? It seemed like there were several large Transit Police mobile homes over by the warehouse and business center