Multiple car accident

2 moving vehicles and 3 parked cars. Newark and Garden.

Hello City Council! Let’s find a way to make traffic problems (drunk or not) better!


Two Toyotas were the moving vehicles. A Toyota, Jeep and Honda were the damaged parked vehicles.

A reader wrote in:

“Never a dull moment here. Looks like the (African American) guy driving down Newark had the right of way and the (White) guy on Garden probably pulled out because his whole front bumper was taken out. The Newark driver got out and was pretty upset. I called the HPD right away and they were here within 2 minutes with ambulance, etc. He lit up a smoke. I can hear him yelling outside right now. Not sure what the deal but I feel badly for the guy.

That’s the problem with these one-way stops. I’ve lived here 5 years and this happens ALL the time on this corner. A week ago the same thing on Bloomfield and Newark. I hope they’re both ok.”

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