Reporter Roundup – 6/25/2007

hoboken-reporter-letters-to-the-editor.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 6/17/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

A really quick recap this week. Nothing struck my eye as groundbreaking. I noticed the usual front page reporter Michael Mullins wasn’t present. Is he still working there? Or did he take a vacation? Anyone know?

In the future, if you anyone has the desire to submit their writeup, please send it to I often do not have the luxury of time to perform a detailed analysis.


Cover Stories

Poop and Council

Everything that was already covered here on Hoboken411. The City Council recap, and of course dog crap!

Alternative High School criticized

New BOE members challenge what would normally pass through uncontested.


Page 3: Russo Returns (sort of)

Former mayor is out of the pen, but in a “halfway house”. While this may be important to some Hoboken residents, I fail to see the relevance. Just old news to me. Please help me?


12 Million bucks for the renovation! Is that market value?


Nice touch for the Reporter to include random photos!

Snippit about Campos

How many of you think this “challenge” will amount to anything?

Letters to the Editor Pages Down to one

  • Peter Cunningham expresses his thanks to the 5th Ward residents.
  • Is it Live or is it Memorex? Daniel Gans and George Vallone try to justify the whole Maxwell Place park debacle.
  • Farmers’ Market reminds readers of the weekly fresh fruit and vegetable display each Tuesday this summer.

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