Hoboken Week in Review – 6/24/2007

hoboken-stop-caring-jefferson-street.jpgNew traffic patterns, City Council changing of the guards and more mystery car flipping.

Now that it’s officially Summer, here are some brief highlights from the entries of the past week.

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News, items of importance:

  • What time is it? – Renovations at the Lackawanna Train Terminal. Some readers think it could be much more.
  • Stop, or don’t – City installs more red octagonal signs for drivers to blatantly ignore.

Town Government:

  • Thanks for the memories – The City Council recognized two of the three members leaving the board.
  • Trust me, or don’t – Debate about variances continues downtown.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4. – The whole 4th ward council race discussion rages on.
  • Hydrants are the new “park here” – Residents notice how city vehicles can park freely in town.
  • Southwest – Back and forth with the SW redevelopment plan. Anyone taking bets as to when the project will be 100% complete? I say June 2014. And that’s being generous.


  • 1970’s – Big exhibit at the Hoboken Historical Museum is winding down.
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables – Summer Farmers’ Market starts up this Tuesday.
  • St. Ann’s Feast – Annual street festival starts in a month. Begin gripes now. I’d like it much more if they had better beer in that tent.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

  • Bag it! – Popular women’s bag shop announces their summer schedule.
  • Cheesy – Entrepreneur plans to wow residents with his cheese specialties.
  • Sequel – Local housewares store opens up under new ownership.
  • Not a dry cleaner – Another real estate office opens.
  • Next stop, condo – Updates about the Metrostop project by the 9th Street Light Rail station. Looks like a pretty decent restaurant will occupy some space.
  • Outdoor Ribs – Joey’s BBQ gets outdoor seating.

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Dried up – Popular cooling spot at Pier A conked out. Hoboken now leads state with sweaty kids.


  • Beyond Basic – New Cafe uptown gets reviewed. Pleasant surprise and will be a repeat customer.

Reader Mail Bag:

  • Hoboken grows, transportation stunted – A reader gripes as the transporation system here in town is being stressed.
  • Wahhh! – An expectant mother is seeking day care tips for her upcoming baby.
  • Dirty Hole – Readers ponder if the Sybil’s Cave project is worth more than 10 cents.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Squirrels – More observations with Hoboken Squirrels. Some people despise them.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Ruckus – How a mini-melee on the west side turned into a hearty debate about quality of life in Hoboken.
  • Mysterious forces at work – Hoboken has the knack to flip vehicles over.

Recent Town Incidents:

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