Back to School – “Green is Cool”

Back to School – Green is Cool

Another school year starts for Hoboken kids – and last weekend marked the 2nd annual “Green is Cool” event.

Hoboken Back to School

Hoboken residents mark the start of the 2011 / 2012 school year

“Hoboken Housing Authority residents celebrated the beginning of another school year with a Global party at Mama Johnson Field on Sunday, Sept. 18. The 2nd annual Back to School – Green is Cool event was hosted by the housing authority, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, Quality of Life Coalition, Hudson County Improvement Authority and Freeholder Anthony Romano.

On the sunny late summer day, youngsters and their parents and friends enjoyed an afternoon complete with a healthy BBQ, environmentally friendly school supply giveaways, inflatables and entertainment.

The green aspect of the event involved the children learning about their environment and how to protect it, performing recycling exercises and receiving energy conversation tips from the improvement authority. There was a special performance by Lil Monstaz, an 11-year-old hip hop group.

World Vision who sponsors the Keep a child alive project, is a group that donates to children in need throughout the world. 35 children participated in painting a mural that will be auctioned off and directly benefits the Keep a Child Alive organization.

Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia said “events such as this programs our next generation of eco-centric minds to be more conscious about our carbon footprint and how public housing residents can also contribute to saving our environment. “We want to encourage our kids to take school and the environment seriously,” Garcia said. “We want them to realize that one person can make a difference.”

Not sure about anyone else – but when I was growing up, “Back to School” was the most dreadful phrase you could hear!

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