Chris Christie and PAC’s

How do you feel about the new Chris Christie Ads?

Got emails from several Hoboken411 readers about the recent ad campaign from the “Committee for our Children’s Future,” a Political Action Committee (PAC) that strongly supports the current NJ Governor Chris Christie. said that the ad “left out key facts,” and Christie didn’t care where the money came from, saying “It’s up to them,” and had no comment about the lack of openness.

While PolitckerNJ quoted Christie as saying “It’s their group… I have nothing to do with the group. If they are out there helping me, I say thank you very much. They are supporting me because they like my policies…People like the policies we are pursuing. It’s a happy circumstance.”

Here’s one of the commercials running now:

Zimmer & Team mum about it all

Tough dilemma, the Zimmer council majority is trying to limit contributions here in Hoboken, even through PAC’s – yet they need Christie in their corner for the millions to bail out HUMC Hospital. Are any of them going to speak out for or against PAC’s – even though several of the council members utilize this method for campaign funds? Several Hoboken politicians have benefited from PACs (Zimmer, Mason, Bhalla, etc.)

I doubt anyone here in Hoboken will go on the record about the PAC supporting Christie – and if they do, expect their statement to be very carefully worded and spun.

It seems as if these PACs are used both as political jabs – and slush funds, depending on what day of the week it is.

How do you feel about PACs? Good, bad or indifferent?

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They’re going to get their money no matter which way you slice it, since they’re the ones making the rules!