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9/17/2009 Obituary:

They tried, but met their fate…

A mere four months ago – I published an update about how “Basic Cafe” turned into “Metro Deli” over at 13th and Grand Streets. They thought that by expanding their offerings to supply what their neighbors might want – that they’d stay afloat. According to one nearby resident “the rent was too steep.”

basic doomed in hoboken nj - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

See brighter days after the jump…

5/14/2009 Update:

The name may have changed, but the owners remain!

Evolving with the economy

The owners of the location that previously held “Basic Cafe” (356 13th St.) are shrewd businessmen, and know how to keep a business afloat (or at least die trying).

It’s obvious that the foot traffic and relatively light residential density of the NW part of Hoboken wasn’t enough to keep a standard deli profitable (with those rents and real estate costs, what can survive?) However, the cunning operators of this spot realized that – and created something that more residents may possibly use – a convenience store / deli combination!

The re-vamped Metro Deli now sells basic groceries and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables on top of the usual sandwiches, provisions and coffee. I’ll remember Metro Deli as a place that sells the 32oz size Zico Coconut Water, that’s for sure!


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See today’s review below!

Description – Cafe. Sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast, coffee, desserts, BYOB and delivery available. WiFi coming soon.
Website –
Address – 356 13th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 792-9202

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 4 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

June 22, 2007

Stopped by the Basic Cafe today, which had recently opened on June 11th, 2007. This replaced the previous Ganache (which has their other location still at the Hudson Tea Building) and Metro Cafe, which seemed to last only a short while.

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

Owned in part by Daniel Kim, who also runs the popular Basic Restaurant in Jersey City. Known for their great coffee and interesting dishes, they hope to win the hearts of Hoboken residents.

Upon entrance, we were greeted by Jacob (who works in both locations) and Daniel. They pleasantly described their dishes and made us feel welcome. The seating inside holds 18, along with another 16 spots outside in the patio. The interior seating was premium in my opinion. Sturdy chairs and plenty of room for a big guy. A+. They also plan to have WiFi service shortly.

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 3 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

We enjoyed a couple coffees (which are indeed very good – a regular and a Hazelnut special) while we waited for our selections to be prepared. I chose what they said was one of the more popular dishes, the Breakfast Burrito ($4). Scrambled eggs, guacamole and salsa and sour cream in a wrap. Interesting and refreshing combination of ingredients. Added a few slices of bacon too, since I hadn’t had any in a few weeks.

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 7 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

My companion had the chicken club sandwich with a side of green salad ($7.75). The grilled chicken breast was well seasoned with a hint of lemon. It included cheddar cheese, spring greens and a tomato basil mayo that complimented the sandwich perfectly.

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 10 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

One thing that stands out when a new restaurant or shop opens in Hoboken, is the personality of the people working there. That can make or break an establishment, regardless of what the quality is, or how the prices are. I felt welcome and appreciated at Basic, which left a lasting impression for me. I will remember them and try to go back regularly. Welcome to the neighborhood!

See their menu HERE, and please chime in with your experiences at Basic Cafe!

basic cafe hoboken june 2007 6 - Metro Deli - Metro Doomed

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That’s really too bad that it closed… Coming from Jersey City, I always enjoyed their location by Hamilton Park. A little gem with a nice owner, although sometimes his counter help could be a bit lax and aloof. I’m surprised that someone mentioned above that they hated the coffee… I always liked it!


it seems that if the numbers work on a Hoboken retail space, the suits at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks figure it out first, the dry cleaners and nail salons second, ant then they leave the chaff to the rest of us.


This closed a couple of weeks ago…there’s some kind of convenience store in there now.


[quote comment=”87487″]Dear Basic Cafe,

Your store sign advises that you open at 7:30 AM on weekdays. I have been dying for an iced coffee on the way to the bus and would be thrilled if you were actually open at 7:35 in order to purchase it. Thanks![/quote]

Tried the coffee here once and I don’t know why you would ever want that watery brown liquid they call coffee……


Dear Basic Cafe,

Your store sign advises that you open at 7:30 AM on weekdays. I have been dying for an iced coffee on the way to the bus and would be thrilled if you were actually open at 7:35 in order to purchase it. Thanks!