Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 9/24/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: September 24, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Saturday, September 24, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 4:06am (9/25/2011): Windshield Smashery!
    Some angry idiot(s) smashed the windshields of FOUR parked vehicles near 6th & Garden – all belonging to Hoboken, NJ residents. All that happened here was economic loss for neighbors, insurance companies – and gains for windshield repair companies…. Hmm, conspiracy?
  • 2:55am (9/25/2011): Pizza fight inauguration
    You’re nothing in the Mile Square until you make the Hoboken411 Police Blotter. With that being said – congratulations to Basile’s Pizza (Newark & Washington), for their first-ever mention! Reports of a fight happening between two drunk (yet hungry) nimrods. “I’ll have a pepperoni slice with a side order of ringside seats, please!”
  • 2:35am (9/25/2011): Tool drinks too much, vomits, and now needs an ambulance
    Hello, Hoboken! A 28 year-old dude drank WAY too much at Green Rock (you know $1 drafts of crap beer), and is now vomiting out of control outside. Hoboken EMS has to deal with this puke-fest. Sad thing is – the social network updates on Monday will make this buffoon look like a hero.
  • 2:30am (9/25/2011): Bunch of tools kicking cars
    HPD received reports that a group of white males were kicking cars on Grand Street between 6th & 7th. Why? When those guys get old and die, will they write in their memoirs about the glorious days of “destroying the property of others?” I just don’t get it. What is the problem, Facebook?
  • 1:15am (9/25/2011): PATH fight, bloody head
    Reports of a fight at the PATH station, including an individual that “fell down the stairs and is bleeding from the head.” Port Authority Police are handling this case. Hoboken EMS dispatched.
  • 11:25pm: Loud party disrupts neighbors
    In what sounds like a fun party over at The Metropolitan building at 13th & Clinton – isn’t so great for one neighbor, who called HPD due to the noise level. What do you blame here? “City living” or “cheap construction?”
  • 10:30pm: Free-ride-loaders
    Yet another taxi-cab dispute in Hoboken – this time at 65 Jefferson St. Argument over fare (most likely NYC cab). Report that the female didn’t pay and ran into her apartment. Too uppity to take the PATH, and too cheap to pay the fare. What a loser!
  • 10:25pm: Mob-jump
    A guy said he was jumped by two (out of seven juveniles – 2 white, 5 hispanic) near 12th & Washington. Ambulance dispatched. Man, you can’t even grab a slice of pizza on a Saturday night?
  • 10:05pm: Parking Free-for-all
    The parking lot near the PATH station on Hudson St. & Hudson Pl. was what HPD called “a parking free-for-all,” as the operators of this lot had cars spewed all over the streets and sidewalks surrounding the lot. They were given their only and final warning to clean the mess up. I guess those bike lines and corner cars really help alleviate traffic in this town. Impressive!
  • 9:08pm: Drunk homeless heading to HUMC
    HPD noticed that infamous Hoboken street-drunk “Duffy” was beyond intoxicated in front of the downtown CVS once again, and is sending him via ambulance to HUMC. Free health care to these guys is probably the #2 reason that hospital is bleeding money. (The #1 reason is thought to be corruption and lack of transparency.)
  • 9:00pm: Car boo-boo
    Car crash at 8th & Willow. Oh no! Call the politicians and ask for more traffic lights. Why not put 5 traffic lights per block?
  • 7:30pm: Street fight
    Reports of a street fight at 4th & Washington in front of Qdoba restaurant. “Two men fighting.” By the time PD arrived, they had left the scene. How come they never call the police during boxing or UFC matches? Let ’em fight, I say!

More to come later…

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Clinton. Nevermind. That’s the first building I got to know in Hoboken, and the construction is crap but it brings me fond memories…


Is the Metropolitan the building on 13th/Grand?


My mother-in-law lived at the Metropolitan during her final year or two (definitely not the partying apartment-trashing type), and when we cleaned out her apartment after her death and settled up, we noticed that they deducted BURNED OUT LIGHT BULBS from the security deposit. Really? Light bulbs? I’m a landlord, too; I’ve never withheld money from a deposit, and I bless God when I spend less than $100 between tenants.


Having lived in the Metropolitan many years ago when it opened, I can tell you that you could hear flies fark on the other side of those walls. That scene in ‘Office Space’ where Peter talks to his neighbor through the wall while watching tv is pretty much how that place is. I didn’t know they made sheet rock that thin. Funny thing about the construction…when I moved in, they had forgotten to seal the sinks to the counters amongst other things. I will give them credit for having a very attentive super.