Pier A fountain

7/17/2007 Update:

As of yesterday the fountain is operational again! Hooray!

Let’s just hope no kids fall into some deep abyss if it caves all of a sudden. I’m sure that’d turn into a agenda item for the City Council. “Damages for kid swallowed by Pier A fountain”.


Just in time for Summer, we have a malfunctioning or ill-designed water fountain that is now inoperative. Boy, what will the kids do now at Pier A?

A reader had spoken with a worker from City Hall and had some observations of his own.

I have noticed that the signature fountain at the West end of the park is inoperative and has had police tape around it and now some saw horses. I was talking to one of the guys that works at the park (a guy named Frank) who said they had the fountain on for a time at the beginning of the season, but that there was this woman who was until recently some sort of “Public Works” person from city hall, a woman recently fired or whatever, no longer in that capacity was the gist of it. This person, whose name I never got, complained that some of the granite blocks that make up the fountains surface were loose or rocky or whatever. She claimed this made the fountain unsafe for children and took her case to City Hall and the fallout is that the fountain is off.

I have no idea what political forces were put in motion that allowed someone who, according to Frank, is no longer in a position to make decisions about the park to somehow all of a sudden cause such a big effect in Pier A park.

The hot weather is approaching; kids will have to look else wear for relief from the heat. If the story I heard was true, it’s sad for the kids. What little I know about Hoboken politics tells me to take with a grain of salt anything I hear about specific politically connected people in town, particularly if its out of the mouth of someone that gets paid by the city. Still the fact remains: the fountain doesn’t appear to me to represent any sort of danger and it apparently is in working order but for whatever reason it’s not on.


A few days later, he investigated further to realize how shoddy the construction actually was!

Today I was by there on my bike and I decided to have an actual look at the fountain instead of just going by what I heard a guy tell me. Low and behold: there were a couple of granite tiles that were askew, and when I put my foot inside the barricade to test them, they did shift their weight ominously. I could see how kids toes could get mashed in the cracks. The tiles I felt shift were left of center on the South side.

In the north east corner a block had it’s corner busted off and you can see down into the fountain. Apparently the granite tiles sit on a lattice of some sort of support framework above a lower hard to see level. The corners of the blocks I could see next to the cracked blocks were sitting on some sort of flimsy looking black plastic 4” square wedges or blocks. They didn’t look terribly efficient to my non-engineers eye.


In addition, an area just a few feet east of the fountain is also sinking.


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Good to see the city is doing its part in conserving water.

Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight

Sorry, Lana. 😕

Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight

[quote comment=”31974″]allowing Daddy to stroll through the heart of Pier A gawking at the sweating lovlies in joyous abundance, scantily clad.[/quote]

You can just go to River St. on a Saturday night to see that.


My kids love this thing on a hot Summer day. Nice of the doofus public works folks to focus on the problem on the first day of Summer.

Ever want to grab these goombahs by the throat and … ah, screw it.

I hope they fix it. It’s a treat to let the kids run through the vertical sprays of refreshing water, allowing Daddy to stroll through the heart of Pier A gawking at the sweating lovlies in joyous abundance, scantily clad.


[quote comment=”31873″]Maybe those tiles are loose because this was never intended to have kids running and playing in it…
Just because there is a fountain, that doesn’t mean it was built as a childrens water playland…
Not everything can be 100% safe – if people want to allow their kids into this fountain, they should be aware that their kids can get hurt… Instead of wasting another $50,000 or whatever to fix this (only to have to do it again in 4 years)…[/quote]
What other purpose is there for a ground level fountain? They have fountains in every park (Church – Dolphins, Columbus – shower, Stevens – balls). Off course it was designed to walk through.

However, the tiles have been loose for years. God forbid one of the homeless people showering falls and injures themself.

God forbid a dog owner lets their dog drink from the fountain and the dog cuts its paw.