Get off your laptop and stream on TV!

Roku streams HD movies, TV shows and more – on the cheap!

I own a top of the line 50″ super-thin plasma TV with vibrant colors and excellent black levels. You know what? I barely use it 5 hours a week – at most. Television watching has practically been eradicated in my life.

But I wanted to share something I picked up recently – and that’s the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p.

It’s a fascinating little device that might help many of you from squinting at your smartphones or laptop and computer screens – and enjoy the palatial real estate of the TV you invested so much money in!

What is a Roku, why would I want it?

To put it simply – the Roku 2 XS is just a high-definition box (the size of a pack of playing cards) that streams video content from the internet.

It can stream your NetFlix account, or videos from your Amazon Prime account as well. It has channels for HULU Plus, Pandora, Disney, Epix and more. It’s also a must have for anyone that enjoyed Glenn Beck – since he launched his own network GBTV (via subscription).

Private channel hacks, like live Hoboken City Council meetings!

If you’re one of the few dozen folks in the Mile Square that actually watch the streaming video of the Hoboken City Council meetings – you’d be pleased to know that one very cool feature of the Roku network are the private channels people can just create!

For instance – you can watch UStream content by just adding channel code IN4DN on your account, and presto – you can watch the meetings both live and archived from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy chair.

Other private channels include YouTube, CNN, Twitter, Google Voice, Al Jazeera, and many more (including adult videos). See further info HERE – and HERE.

Oh – and this XS model even comes with Angry Birds pre-installed.

The setup was painless, and the direction-sensitive Nintendo Wii-like remote is easy as heck to use.

For less than $100 – it’s not a bad way to get video content in your spare time – and you might want to consider canceling your cable or other TV monthly plans. If you have any questions about my experiences with the Roku 2 XS – I’d be happy to share.

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50 or less years ago there were billl boards along highways asking people to vote or stop pay tv..thats a long time ago. Congress senate did nothing..I refuse to lay down10 or what ever $$$ to see a movie in any theater..Actors earn more than athletes! The only stations less ads are turner and hbo as well as other stations aka stars encore etc..AMC is great but to many ads to pay for the time.. Anyone that rents net flex or any other dvd or pay for view it’s their choice..If a move is a stiff it comes on cable in a few months..You can bet all the gadgets and gizmos will be over rided down the line…movies on demand and such is a bunch of nonsense…A three way pkg on optimum is 169 less the silver pkg,you need 30 eyes to see it all…A sports writer once predicted that in time you will pay for every foot ball game per game. That will be the day..if you like football so be it..60 minute game has to last 3 hrs? New era..bring back the rabbit ears..lmaorotf. 😮


To add: it’s only a matter of time before pay tv providers retaliate as people move away from high cost/low value CATV programming. Unlimited data will give way to throttling and/or tiered pricing or other ways to capture revenue. One way or another, they’ll try to Hoover your wallet in their time-honored rent-seeking fashion. Let’s hope technology lets us keep one step ahead of their racket.


Roku /Netflix and OTA tv is saving me time and money on not watching endless ads and obese reality “stars” on pay tv.

Once WTC1 is complete OTA tv is sure to become that much more accessible. Which is a good thing because internet tv is getting the cable companies royally pissed off.


I love my Roku. I use it for mostly Netfix and and it’s great.