Mayoral Propaganda?

Zimmer says “Council votes to close hospital”; Not the case…

Yesterday – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer sent out certain Twitter messages that essentially said the following: “Minority Council votes to CLOSE HUMC hospital…”

This, my fellow Hoboken residents is classic propaganda.

Zimmer Tweets HUMC

  • They did not vote on whether to keep the hospital open or closed.
  • The council voted on whether to approve a $5.5 million dollar bond to ADD to the $5 million that HHI was “offering” creditors for the bankruptcy negotiations (bringing the total to about a quarter on the dollar).
  • Approving or disapproving this bond did not guarantee that the bankruptcy proceedings would
    1. be approved by the judge
    2. be accepted by the creditors
  • The dissenting voters on the council were not comfortable “digging the hole deeper” without written guarantees, instead of the open-ended poorly-negotiated contract that was currently in place.

Other transparency issues across the board

At 2:00am this morning, Toni Tomarazzo of the HMHA all of a sudden had a “new option” miraculously appear out of thin air. She said it’d save the deal. She didn’t elaborate as to where this deal came from – or if it was a “back pocket” contingency plan they had on the table all along.
Question: Where did it come from? If this “new option” just appeared, aren’t you curious why it wasn’t up front to begin with?

Toni Tomarazzo Hoboken HUMC HMHAAs expected, Tomarazzo didn’t shine light on her “new option,” once again shrouding it in secrecy.

Many observers of this transaction are perplexed WHY none of the HMHA board members are willing to testify on the record, and why this has to be done in the “back room.” Others suspect shady dealings and criminal activities.

New Jersey beat reporter Jarrett Renshaw was at the State House earlier this week and said “Hoboken hospital officials refuse to testify before Senate committee.” Which makes you wonder why they refuse to be open about anything. What is going on that they cannot go on the record with facts, figures, and statements?

Lack of transparency begets massive criticism and concern

Honestly, I’d be quite happy if things turn out OK for the hospital. We’d have a stable owner, guaranteed to stay in business for the next 7 years + 100. Get the taxpayers off the hook for the bond.

However, the problems with the whole HUMC deal, are the double top-secret nature of the negotiations, the insider info, the accusations of fraud, forced bankruptcy, the “we know better than you so trust us and shut up” mentality from a PUBLIC governing body – which is totally unacceptable.

You get the feeling like they’re manipulating the whole situation, with zero feedback or tangible status updates that allow Hoboken residents to feel that we have a reason to be at ease with what’s transpiring. When you keep multi-million dollar transactions like this in the dark – it goes against what America is really like. We don’t want to feel duped like the last link in a Ponzi Scheme. Many of the residents I’ve spoken with think our governing body acts in a condescending way, as if they’re the upper-echelon “daddy knows best” breed. But for “reformers” who campaigned on transparency and honesty, they’re surely showing the voting public what they got in return.

Again, I hope everything turns out OK, but at this point it appears to be a combination of a shell game and an ego war. I’ve seen better politics in a high-school debate club. How does this happen in modern day Hoboken?

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Friday, September 23, 2011 3:36 am

I, like many other residents want to know why the HHA negotiated with only one bidder in the process. They claimed that the committee deemed it was the best deal for the hospital. How do we know that? We weren’t given the option to see or hear the details, so we had to have blind faith. It was called a financial miracle by one member of the Authority, so how and when did it become a financial debacle? A publicly owned facility is the property of the taxpayers and residents. The mayor hired a committee to negotiate a deal. OK since we had no choice on this, we just hoped that their choice was the right one. So why is she so desparate to blame the unions, council minority for the ineptitude that was clear in her non-transparent deal? Please this has become a travesty, her council majority berates the minority etc. Round and round until we are dizzy. So if Holdco is the buyer of choice do the letters given to the employees of HUMC that state the elimination of their positions remain? Also how can you downsize when the sale is not completed yet. What happens then? Inquiring minds want to know. Whether you are a Zimmer supporter or not aren’t we allowed to know why they refused to even consider other bidders, if this deal is the deal to end all deals why not tell us why it’s the best. Don’t just tell us we have to… Read more »

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