Reader Mail: Day Care

Here a pregnant reader is interested in getting some good suggestions for day care for their baby.

We had some good debates going on the old Dream Castle day care center, which was replaced by Kidz City.

See other day care centers HERE.

She says:

“Does anyone have any feedback on getting hooked up with GOOD day care in Hoboken? I have heard stories where you have to get your name on the list before your kid is even born–so I am trying to prepare in advance. We are expecting in December.

My husband and I do not own a car, and do not drive, so out of town Day Care Centers are not an option for us. What can we expect to pay?

What red flags should we be aware of? I know there are probably a lot of horror stories out there and while I would like to be in the loop, I’d also like to hear the good stuff–how to find a reputable place to watch my kid.
Thank you!”

hoboken day care june 2007 - Reader Mail: Day Care

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My son goes to A Whole New World and absolutely loves it. There have been several bad rainstorms, and there has never been an issue with flooding. I am also an asthmatic, so if there were any mold issues I would have noticed it right away. Just my 2cents regarding AWNW.

There is also Primetime daycare that will be opening on 4th & Hudson. I would contact the Edgewater location to schedule a tour and get an update as to when they plan on opening. Also, Kindercare will have a location near 9th & Madison (?). Again, you would need to contact Kindercare for more information.

Lastly, we had experience with Dream Castle as well. While the care was great we were not happy with the management. Good luck with your search.


[quote comment=”31930″]I am doing the same search. The best thing to do, as other suggested, is go on both the Hoboken Mom’s Yahoo Group and the Hoboken Family Alliance site. Great recourses. But here is a bit of what i have found.[/quote]

Snipped the rest…

Does anyone have any more up to date info?


I am doing the same search. The best thing to do, as other suggested, is go on both the Hoboken Mom’s Yahoo Group and the Hoboken Family Alliance site. Great recourses. But here is a bit of what i have found. below are rates for full-time infant care: Beyond Basic Learning $1,650.00 (201) 798-0071 All in and i have read that their care and education is good but administration is tough to deal with. Some people have said that they have brought up issues, such as workers not wiping down the changing table between babies, and were told that if they do not like how things are done to leave. They are on the expensive side and seem to have more holidays and tend to close more for weather than other daycare facilities. They go outside a lot with the toddlers and its great that the infants get exposure to natural light too. There have also been stories of a kid left on the pier by himself. Kidz City $1,350.00 next availability:June ’07 (201) 792-8895 – Uptown location I have not gone on a tour but have spoken to a few different people when I’ve called and they have all been very nice and helpful. I don’t recall any bad reviews of this place except for some financial concerns when it switch over. People where not getting deposits back and such. Does seem like a small facility but its on ground level and you can leave your strollers there so… Read more »


I’ve several times noticed BBL’s kids in the parks. I’ve noticed because they were poorly supervised and misbehaving, because children who needed attention and assistance were ignored or treated IMO too harshly. No, I can’t give specific examples–I’m not a private investigator. I just pay attention and ask the staff where they are from when I see a set of problems from a group–and several times the answer has been BBL.

I had no idea they have two locations. Given that I am downtown I’d guess my completely unscientific observations relate only to the downtown facility.


my daughter is with beyond basic learning. i think it is probably on the more expensive side but here are some things to consider:

1) there are day care facilities that watch your child and there are ones that try to teach your child.

2) personally, i am TOTALLY against any day care that plops kids in front of tv’s.

3) i think the interviews are useful but would have to agree that they may be overkill. i think that, for the price that they charge, that is the interview.

4) i have not found that they have a huge number of vacation days. if that is what it takes to keep them trained and them teaching my kids, i’m fine. keep in mind, you pay the same monthly rate regardless of the number of days of vacation and training.

5) BBL will likely be just as expensive as getting a nanny. so, the issue you have to ask yourself is whether they will give your child enough attention. on the other hand, being around other kids, they learn faster and develop social skills much easier.