Parking problems on purpose?

You ever wonder if it’s the City’s master plan to have these parking issues on purpose?

Out of desperation, many people just leave their cars on the street and willingly get multiple parking tickets. It’s like ATM machines for the city. Because we don’t have adequate parking people often park illegally. By the corner, on the street during street cleaning days, etc.

I’m not sure exactly what the annual revenue is for Hoboken specifically for parking summonses that could have easily been avoided if there was sufficient parking. And even if we had more “monthly” parking areas, would that revenue meet or exceed what the city takes in otherwise?

Regardless, we need more free parking areas. I’m sure many of you may try to compare this to NYC, but we don’t have nearly the transit infrastructure they do. If anything for the sole reason of intersection safety.

So, new city council, what are your suggestions?


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[quote comment=”31743″]BTW, if anyone is looking for a spot in a small lot, I know of an availability $230/mo, gated. Willow Ave & 7th.[/quote]
I am


It’s always going to be competitive to park here, but I’m with you on better enforcement. Really tired of seeing city employees, cronies, what-have-you get away with doing anything they want.

There’s a deli one block up from the police station where the customers have co-opted the yellow-zone corner setback as short-term parking. It’s always full, and you have to stand practically in the middle of the street before you can see to cross. I see people almost get hit there about once a week.

Every Hoboken police officer has to pass this corner at least once a day.


I work in Newark and commute daily via the PATH. During the week I leave the car in the building’s covered and secured parking lot, only bringing it back to Hoboken for the weekends. Works nicely without having to shell out a chunk of change.

A few years ago I had an old crappy car which parking-wise was quite liberating as I didn’t care how many dings or bumper-rashes it picked up. That all changes after getting a nice car as I feel the need to be selective in choosing my on-street parking positions.

After a bit of local knowledge one learns which spots shouldn’t be used at particular times of the week. The double-parking that causes side-swiping and dings outside Piccolo’s, (92 Clinton St) on Saturday morning is to be avoided, along with any evening of the week outside Hoboken Discount Liqours (98 Willow)…


There’s no incentive for people to even move their cars when the fine is $35 per ticket. They happily pay it off, knowing that the monthly cost is $140 for 4 tickets. That’s cheaper than many parking lots. Now if you increased that cost to $50 per ticket, I bet a lot of people would have a greater incentive to move their cars.


BTW, if anyone is looking for a spot in a small lot, I know of an availability $230/mo, gated. Willow Ave & 7th.