Saturday Blues Jam at Farside

Farside hosts Saturday Blues Jam in Hoboken, NJ

After the Hoboken Saturday Afternoon Blues Jam fizzled out over at Scotland Yard – they had a brief stint over at Hotel Victor across the street. Well that didn’t last long either – as they had to be cut due to the utter lack of visitors that came to town with the PATH train down for the count.

They happily found a new home for the time being over at Farside Bar (531 Washington St.). So if you’re in the mood for some blues to listen to while you down your drinks – head over tomorrow afternoon starting at 4pm!


Afternoon Blues Jam Farside Hoboken NJ - Saturday Blues Jam at Farside

No more Blues Jams at Scotland Yard in Hoboken?

9/20/2011 Update:

A Hoboken411 reader sent an email that the long running Saturday Blues Jam over at the Scotland Yard (72 Hudson St.) is no more.

Apparently a dispute between the ownership and the guys that ran the jam led to the discontinuation. No word on whether anyone is picking up a similar gig, or if it’s relocating to a new venue.

Scotland Yard Hoboken NJ Blues Jam finished - Saturday Blues Jam at Farside

Kutiman: YouTube Mashups – the best use ever of the internet

Speaking of music – and in order to make this post more complete, let me remind you of probably the single most entertaining and fulfilling things I’ve ever found on the internet.

Two and a half years ago, I shared Thru-You with Hoboken411 readers. A collection of outstanding musical video “mashups” made entirely with YouTube clips. To this day, I still find it my #1 favorite “by-product” of the information age. Sheer brilliance in my opinion.

Sadly, my busy schedule leaves me less time to surf or “check” things I used to, but this post somehow brought back memories, and I was pleased to see YouTube user Kutiman has been making more videos, including this phenomenal mashup of Led Zeppelin Black Dog – using only amateur video recordings. (You should check out the history of that song – I’ll bet anything it’s 100x more interesting than the history of any Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber “song.”)

I have much respect for the brain and talent of this individual (and to the users who provided the material!) Enjoy!

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I had a few good times at that jam. That hack guitarist who ran it, Joe Taino, was a real bore. He has a chip on his shoulder as if he should be at Stevie Ray Vaugh’ns level. Too many of his ass kissers treated him like that too. The truth is nobody sings the blues with a Spanish accent, and goes anywhere except the barrio. His guitar timing is off too. Just check out his you tube videos. The place just got tired of an old, self-important latrino who ran a geritol jam. Later! Hasta la Vista baby!!


Glad to hear that, Jimmy! The blue jams have always been great and I’m glad you are keeping them going.

Jimmy Mack
Jimmy Mack

Apparently, a lot of people like to hear live blues while enjoying their drinks. The Farside Tavern was packed last evening for the first jam there. Great crowd and great music!

The jams will continue there. We plan on holding them every Saturday at 4PM to 8. Jimmy Mack and the Boys will be hosting and playing the opening set, a middle set, and the closing.

Come on over! Check it out.

Jimmy Mack
Jimmy Mack

And life moves on. Hobson’s Choice is closing for a facelift, due to re-open in early March.

But the traditional Saturday Hoboken Blues Jam will not have a dead spell this time. It’s because so many people have come to Hobson’s, stayed for 3-4 hours, really enjoyed themselves and the great live music, and threw their support behind it. I get all kinds of e-mail thanking us for keeping the jams alive and making it better than ever. The crowds have filled Hobson’s. That tells us people want this and will support it.

So, with all of that in our caps, we are keeping the Blues Jams alive. This Saturday, Feb. 4, will be the first jam at the Shannon, 106 First St. 4 PM. Yours truly, Jimmy Mack and the Boys will be hosting, and playing the first set, and the closing. See you there.

Jimmy Mack
Jimmy Mack

It is definitely happening at Hobson’s Choice now. Every Saturday at 4 PM.

Great music and a great vibe. Come and check it out.