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This is an interesting conundrum we seem to be stuck in.

We have a densely populated city with too many cars and not enough parking. With the increasing population, we also have more commuters using the various mass-transit systems in place. The bus and rail schedules are very complex and involve a lot more that just the city of Hoboken. But we seem to be putting more stress on the system over the past few years. So other than riding bikes, scooters and walking, what can be done to absorb the load? Any suggestions?

A reader writes:


Our bus/train system that is just out of control. We pay crazy taxes to live in this great town and there is nothing that frustrates me more than getting off the path train and standing in line with 42 other people as a bus sits and takes it break during rush hour. I counted yesterday the number of people waiting for the 126 bus and it was 42 people! There was a bus sitting there waiting for no reason other than they are on a ridiculous schedule. Not only is it a safety issue having all those people stand there while buses are trying to make crazy k turns to park, it is just so frustrating on top of which they raised the prices yesterday again. I asked the good old guy in the both (which he’s rarely ever in there) to see why they don’t run more frequently and he said not my issue, bring it up with the city. Funny thing is the bus driver said the same thing, so I am copying the mayor’s office on this issue as well.

My final issue is that once again we pay these crazy taxes and if you want to go out late in the city and come home at 2 am, you stand and wait 30-40 minutes for a train to Hoboken. I know I am just venting, but this great town would be so much better with a more efficient transportation system.”


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I predict the ferry and the Path trains will become obsolete in the year 2016. That is the year when the new trans-Hudson tunnel comes online.

The trans-Hudson tunnel project will allow for the introduction of one-seat rail service on the Main, Bergen County, Pascack Valley and Raritan Valley lines, the Montclair-Boonton Line west of Montclair, North Jersey Coast Line south to Bay Head, as well as the Morristown Line west of Dover. It will also create the capacity to connect the future Northern Branch Rail Line directly to Manhattan. A new station is also to be built in NYC with a six-track passenger station under 34th st that will connect to the subway and Penn Station.

Bascially the Hoboken terminal will become obsolete. NJ Transit will shut down the Hoboken Train Station and ridership will drop off on the Path. The Port Authority will no longer be able to justify the costs of keep the Hoboken Station open anymore. There still will be a Path train, but you will need to go to Newport to catch it. By then the water front walkway will be complete by then and you will be able to walk from Hoboken to Jersey City to Catch the train or take the light rail. Of couse the rail yard itself will be converted to 50 story high rise condos as well, so there is an upside if you like that kind of thing.

Just my prediction………


bring back the hudson and manhattan tubes of the 50’s they were really wonderful—are you nuts inthe 50’s the tubes were awful ,they had no sort of schedule,they smelled real bad,they were always hot ,and they threw you all over the car when they moved. And you want them back.And as far a another tunnel where are you going to put it and where is the money coming from?

Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight

The author of that email refers to Hoboken as our “great” town. Hoboken is not a “great” town. It’s a town that has a lot of potential, but we are clearly not there yet.
Having said that, the PATH really needs to come off that 1962 schedule they have been running their trains on and start putting more in service after midnight. And STOP making us share the train with those Jersey City people. We want isolation, damn it! The high taxes we pay demand it! 🙄

Again, as TimmyGunz highlighted, we seem to be missing the original point. If someone wants to walk 5 miles to LnT, terrific. Not my idea of blissful oneness with nature or healthy heart behavior, but whatever. But it needs to be recognized that that’s not convenient. Neither is walking across town. That doesn’t take “5 minutes,” as I believe someone said, but rather about 25. (it is fair to assume the trips aren’t one-way). Someone mentioned Mayor Roberts is laughing at the idea of some of the suggestions here (think it was the parking garages. That may be so, but that is not the point of the orignial thread…OF COURSE HE’S LAUGHING – b/c the ideas are sensible. Guy’s never done a sensible thing in his whole tenure. The fact of the matter is that garages are an easy, economically feasible near-perfect (nothing is perfect) solution. A shuttle service is a good idea too, and would not cost that much in the grand scheme. People also should remember that whether they would use something or not should not be the sole determining factor for their support. If they truly care about where they live, anything that makes the City a better place to live for all, also has benefits for them (esp. if they are a property owner). More generally speaking, many, many economic proposals are doable in Hoboken simply by reduction of waste and mismanagement. That, in a way, should be the encouraging thing to people, if they cared… Read more »

I believe the path also runs every 15 minutes on friday and sat nights until 2 or 3 am. it goes to 1/2 hour after that – bunch of complainers on this site – we actually have it pretty great. The path schedule is on nj transit’s website and it’s almost always exactly on time. If you don’t want to wait, take a cab or just show up 3-5 minutes before scheduled departure. Can’t speak to other problems because i walk to work from downtown hoboken to downtown jc – not because I’m a hippie – but because it’s faster than walking to the lightrail and taking the train.