Freddie’s Loft Laundromat {Doomed}

Freddie’s Loft Laundromat – COOKIE CUTTER CRAP!

Wow – we haven’t updated this post in over 12 years! Well, Freddie’s Loft Laundromat is now another cookie cutter condo! Who’s cheering that on?


freddie's doomed

Description – Luxury Laundromat
Website –
Address – 529 Monroe St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-1709
Telephone – (201) 533-1666

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Freddie’s Loft is unreliable and has rude customer service. Their laundry pick up and delivery is rarely one day service, as they claim, and the dry cleaning shows up whenever they feel like it. They also claimed to have “lost” a few of my dry-cleaning work shirts.


The place is not bad, but a large number of smaller washers right now are out of commission.


I’ve tried to laundromats in Hoboken so far. This one had machines big enough for our comforter. They charge $2 for a card you have to put money on to use the machines.

The largest machine costs 4.80. The Dryers are .50 per 10 minutes.

My stuff is still in the dryer so I’ll let you know how it turns out.