Ruckus 5th and Jackson

around 9:15pm, there was a report of a large fight or tension filled group gathering on Jackson between 4th and 5th. Police are on scene to disperse this unruly crowd. No reports of any injuries, weapons, or actual crimes committed.

But why does this happen often in this area? Where’s Chris Campos when you need him?

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I have wondered why projects don’t place time limits for those living there. After all, now that welfare reform is in place, one can only get welfare for 3 years in a lifetime. Why not restrict the time allowed for living in the projects? Of course, exceptions could be made for extenuating circumstances such as mentally or physically disabled people who are unable to work. Projects were meant to be places to stay a few years until people were able to move on out to better places. Sometimes I wonder-how is it fair when you have someone who has been living in the projects for 30 years and is a college graduate when there are those waiting years for an apartment? (A woman did post on saying that she was a 30-year resident with a college degree). Just my two cents…


[quote comment=”31786″] The law-abiding tenants need to step up to the plate and pressure the HHA to rid the projects of the bad apples. If they don’t want to do that then they have 2 choices (1) Work hard on getting out of the projects and thus better their lives or (2) Zip their lips, say nothing and suck it up and deal. I guess you think they should do #2?

i think maybe i didn’t explain myself well… i DON’T think tenants should be complacent in the fact that there are “bad apples” in the projects. i definitely think they should work together to free the area of violence, crime, etc. and of course i would hope that people living in such circumstances would ACTIVELY work to improve their lives. what i was TRYING to say is that people need to be more open about the various types of people that live in the projects and the reasons that they continue to live there.

i guess i just think from the sound of some of the posts that its easy for some people to make judgments based on incorrect, or insufficient, information. yahoo for everyone who IS successful… it wouldn’t kill anyone to try to help someone else become so.


[quote comment=”31893″]emarche–yes-George and Weezie did indeed live in the UES. Just quoting Litterboken…[/quote]

I knew that…the UES just didn’t fit in with SFH’s dream living location. 🙂


[quote comment=”31872″]Jay, I’ve been talking it over with Chung and we’re a little concerned that in your last post there was no mention or reference to cheese.[/quote]

Damn – sorry guys! I left out my main argument………they can either pay in Dollars, or they can pay in cheese.

Personally I’d prefer it if they paid in cheese rather than dollars, as the city would probably just spend it digging holes and then filling them up again! Just imagine if you gave Roberts a wheel of swiss cheese – I’m sure he would hire someone to fill in the holes with squeezy cheese and then employ a mouse to remove it again……


I think we need to start minuteman patrols to keep vagrants out. The second amendment gives us the right to protect person and property. They are a social group that should have a club in Hobken.

Finally, when the statistics support the statement, it is not racist or ignorant.

Characteristics of jail inmates

Women were 12% of the local jail inmates in 2002, up from 10% in 1996.
Jail inmates were older on average in 2002 than 1996: 38% were age 35 or older, up from 32% in 1996.
More than 6 in 10 persons in local jails in 2002 were racial or ethnic minorities, unchanged from 1996.
An estimated 40% were black; 19%, Hispanic, 1% American Indian; 1% Asian; and 3% of more than one race/ethnicity.

Let’s give them 3 hots and a cot.