Alcohol is a depressant

Missed this botched drunken suicide attempt this morning.

If this guy makes it out ok, perhaps it’s a lesson from above, and he can be inspired to make his second chance in life a better one.


Man survives fall from six story window

A 36-year-old man survived a fall from a sixth-floor window on the 400 block of Ninth Street in Hoboken yesterday, cops said today.

Cops were called to the apartment just after 5 a.m. yesterday on a call of a possible domestic disturbance. They found the apartment door open and, after no one answered their calls or knocks, they went inside to investigate.

A 40-year-old woman then came out of the bedroom and told cops she had been arguing with her boyfriend, who she said was drunk. She said he was still inside the bedroom.

Cops went to check on him but he wasn’t there, reports said. The woman then returned to the bedroom and said the window hadn’t been open when she left.

Police then looked out the window and saw the man — Francisco Gutierrez, a resident of San Antonio, Texas — had jumped.

Gutierrez was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center for a collapsed lung and broken ribs, and reportedly had no feeling in his feet, police reports said.

He is now in serious condition at University Hospital in Newark.

Police are investigating.

Lysa Chen


And I’m not purposely making fun of depression or suicide, as it’s a serious human problem. I hope he’s ok.

However, when I was scanning in the “We’re number 17” foam hand from my classic David Letterman book from the 80’s, I also saw this “suicide organizer”, which is honestly related to this story. To a degree.

David Letterman Suicide Organizer

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believe whichever you choose to believe. I know what I have experienced and what I’ve seen. I’m done on this thread.

kooky kat

[quote comment=”31428″][quote comment=”31278″][quote comment=”31273″]And I hope they don’t mind me saying this, but without St. Mary’s (HUMC-whatever), there would literally be NO 411.


I didn’t really get that either???[/quote]

Let me put it this way, if it weren’t for the doctors and nurses at St. Mary’s – the person running this site wouldn’t be with us. There must be bad experiences in every hospital, I am still not inclined to believe your “dead baby in a closet” story. If the things you say are true, this place would have been shut down.

I am with JA too, over and out. I


City – Right, “we are all free to discuss matters that pertain to our hood.” So, we’re discussing. Actually, I think I’m checking out on the whole HUMC thing. Disccussion that injects anger and hurt just leads to more anger and hurt so I’d rather just leave whomever thinks what with their misunderstandings and move on to another topic. But it’s been fun. You guys can fight it out.


for God’s sake, cut this poor nurse a break. she’s keeping the public informed on some pretty hefty health concerns in our lovely corrupt neighborhood. what’s with all the backlash? we are all free to discuss matters that pertain to our hood. I rather be informed rather than misinformed. why would anyone in their right mind lie or make a story like this about HUMC? it’s very obvious something is not right over there and we shouldn’t be financially burdened with their mistakes.

I think moving out of town might be a good move for me. I think others should consider. I am starting to look around outside Hoboken. There is plenty of transportation options available outside of Hoboken to NYC.


not to add salt to an already opened wound here. but one of my family members used to see a DO. she specifically asked him not to remove something in a long awaited procedure she had been waiting for. do you know he removed everything and then some that she specifically asked not to. what kind of holistic approach is that in medicine? I won’t be seeing any DOs, no thanks.

I know some great docs from Caribbean medical schools as well, with their MD = Medical Doctor.