Hazardous Moving Day in Hoboken

Even Hoboken moving day is a vehicular pain in the butt!

Hoboken411 reader Fmanrique sent in this collection of lovey photos of a typical moving day in Hoboken.

Notice to all new residents coming to town this weekend – the streets are narrow and the city is filled with idiotic drivers. Please don’t be one of them!

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This happened outside of my building on a weekday evening during the summer. The story behind this is not a good one. T

The driver of the black car had a medical emergency – either a seizure or a heart condition – and lost control of the car. He veered across the street and plowed into the moving van and pushed it into the parked car. Since it was a medical thing – I don’t think the driver of the black car took his foot of the gas which is one of the reasons there was so much damage.


I need to hear the story behind this!