8th & Hudson Sinkhole Update

Hoboken Sinkhole at 8th & Hudson getting worse

Looks like neither Stevens or the City of Hoboken cared to do anything about the sinkhole that started forming yesterday at 8th & Hudson other than plop a cone down. Now, the hole got larger and started collapsing the road. Water and sewage is running underneath.

Hoboken Police said that apparently United Water cannot tend to this worsening situation until Monday.

More Hoboken streets caving in – this time 8th & Hudson


A rather large pothole (or the beginnings of a sinkhole) at 8th & Hudson Streets popped up early this morning.

Or in Realtor terms: “A lavish 10 square foot palace complete with old world cracks, nearby NYC views, and convenient on-street parking. Bonus traffic cone included for well-qualified buyers.”

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Ha! How much are property taxes? 😆