Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 9/9/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: September 9, 2011

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 12:45am (9/10/2011): “Dog Fight”
    HPD received calls about a dog fight at 8th & Madison. Apparently a Pit Bull loose in the courtyard. Bad dog owners giving Pit Bulls a shoddy reputation once again?
    12:57am Update: One male (human) received a dog bite to the hand… Ambulance dispatched.
  • 12:40am (9/10/2011): Female Assaulted
    Reports that a woman was assaulted on 7th Street between Washington & Bloomfield. Many calls placed to HPD. I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t just a random act of violence. This “recipe” had a dose of alcohol and a pinch of attitude thrown in to spice it up.
  • 11:15pm: Hoboken Sure is Dangerous!
    Considering “witching hour” is coming soon, you’d think bad stuff would be happening. Nope. Residents are bitching about the Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck blasting his mind-melding song over and over near 13th & Washington. Yeah, it’s a pain – but the humming engine and refrigeration unit is 10x worse. Try living in front of one of his usual spots for a decade.
  • 10:55pm: Hoboken Bumper Cars
    Reports of another accident at 14th & Washington. I didn’t hear about the color-blind festival being this weekend!
  • 10:45pm: Suspicious package?
    Some paranoid nimrod called HPD to say that a “suspicious package” was in the bushes near the Hoboken Italian Festival at 4th & Sinatra. Exactly what they had planned – create “fear” because of the 9/11 anniversary.
  • 10:10pm: Hit & Run
    A parked car was damaged on 3rd & River – apparently hit by another vehicle which left the scene. At least car insurance covers “spineless douche-bags” that bust your stuff up.
  • 9:55pm: Car accident
    Reports of a car crash at 6th & Clinton – no injuries. Again, straight lines are difficult for supposedly the most advanced species on planet Earth.

More updates to come!

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Witching hour isn’t midnight, it’s 3am.


mario your on the money…What happened to the so called noise put into effect by the city councel after 10pm?? The nut jobs were screaming in their cars on washington st heading north,and the over 50 jerkoffs with their harleys and rice burners popping wheelys setting off car alarms…untill after 3am..Guess the leader cannot hear the noise from the west side while asleep..These cretens defy city ordenences and or don’t know about them. 😥 ❓ [quote comment=”210566″]Witching hour isn’t midnight, it’s 3am.[/quote]