Gold Coast Triathlon Club

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I might be interested in joining this club, but I need to first make sure I can run across the street without losing my breath.

Triathlon Club Forms in Hoboken: Open to All Levels of Athletes

hoboken-gold-coast-triathlon-club-logo.gifHOBOKEN, NJ – Whether you’re considering doing your first triathlon or you’re a veteran triathlete, a new club has formed that will help you enhance your endurance while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow athletes.

The Gold Coast Triathlon Club offers free group bicycle rides and communal runs every weekend, as well as master swim classes at a local university pool. The nonprofit club, based in Hoboken, was formed by local residents whose goal is to create a community of triathletes.

The club is open to adults of all ages — men and women — who are serious about their training yet want to have fun. Members will receive free coaching from experienced triathletes, who like to share their knowledge of the sport with newcomers. The yearly fee to join the club is $20 – a nominal fee that will get you discounts from a host of club sponsors including Whole Foods Market, Cadence Cycling Centers and SBR Multisports. You can join by visiting its website and completing a registration form:

“Training for triathlons can be a solitary grind, but working out with a group forces you to push yourself harder and improve your speed and endurance,” says Chris Hernandez, of Guttenberg, a club founder. “It’s also more fun to train with a group, and athletes who train together tend to bond and become friends.”

The club lists all upcoming triathlons in the region, and members are encouraged to commute to races together and to support each other’s efforts. The club also hosts social events at pubs and restaurants in Hoboken.


But rigorous training precedes the social events, and here is how the club organizes its training sessions:

  • Every Saturday at 8 a.m., the club holds group bicycle rides. Riders meet at the 13th Street NYC ferry dock in Hoboken. Rides range from 35 to 75 miles, and they usually proceed north on River Road, alongside the Hudson River. The rides are lead by experienced and safety-conscious riders who assure that all riders, from beginners to monsters, are accommodated. The intent of the group rides is to offer riders a social yet intense weekly ride. And soon, as summer kicks in, the club will offer an early morning ride during the week.
  • The group runs are scheduled for Sundays at 9 a.m., and runners also meet at the 13th street pier, Hoboken. The runs will be four miles or longer, depending on the level of the runners and whether a race is pending. Runners will always have the option of a shorter or a longer run.
  • The club intends to offer weekly runs on the running track that is opening on River Road in Weehawken, near to the ferry terminal. A professional coach will help runners improve their speed and endurance. A long weekend run is necessary to build your endurance for long-distance triathlons. Track workouts, on the other hand, build your speed for short-distance triathlons.
  • And through an affiliation with the Master’s Swim Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, club members can swim in the Institute’s pool – one of the best pools in the region. See the Steven’s Aquatics website for information on fees and swim times:

The master classes are coached by expert swimmers, one of whom, Lisa Picek, is a founding member of the Gold Coast Triathlon Club. Picek, an award-winning NCAA swimmer, welcomes novice and experienced swimmers to come and visit the Steven’s pool. Picek is a life-long swimmer who started doing triathlons three years ago. She is hooked on the adrenaline rush that results from finishing a triathlon.

“Doing a tri is one of the most intense yet enjoyable experiences that life offers,” says Picek, of Hoboken.. “I love swimming, but when you combine it with running and riding, it’s three times the fun. I’d recommend the sport to anyone. It’s an addiction that costs little money, makes you extremely fit and give you great surges of happiness.”

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