Eco Food Stores – “New”

Eco Food Stores at 249 11th Street in Hoboken, NJ

Taking the place of the Three Brothers Grocery at 249 11th Street uptown – is Eco Food Stores.

Before you have kittens about all sorts of “planet saving” stuff going on here – don’t. It’s pretty much the exact same convenience store as before, except they apparently are glomming on the “eco green” movement as part of their name.

The lineup of products they advertise on their fliers: “Deli, Frozen Foods, Baby Products, Organic, Ice Cream, Groceries, Cleaning Products.”

You can however, order online at – and even get free delivery (orders of $15 or more).

Description: Standard convenience store.
Address: 249 11th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-706-8224 Fax: 201-706-8225 (don’t you think an “eco” store wouldn’t waste paper in a fax machine? What about an email address?)

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