Reporter Roundup – 6/10/2007

hoboken-reporter-letters-to-the-editor.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 6/3/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Well, not quite the case.

As this has happened for the past three or four months, the Hoboken Reporters being delivered uptown are efficiently being removed from the stoops of countless residences. As a result, I did not have time to stop by a local newsstand to pick up a copy.

Would anyone like to contribute this week?

Not that anything exciting was reported, just wanted to know if someone has had the weekend to review the local news rag and offer some opinion on it.

Otherwise, I’ll whip up some kind of fruity observation in a day or two.

Let me know! If you have something to submit, send it to


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I’m in the 5th Ward and it disappears at my building too. We get a bundle on Saturday, which I always make sure is put inside the lobby. But usually by sometime on Sunday, the bundle has disappeared (though a pile of the worthless Current will sit around forever).


What ward is everyone in? I’m in the 5th, with a runoff, and have been getting it regularly.

(I’ll take this time to thank 411 for being an “alternative”, thanks.)


[quote comment=”30073″][quote comment=”30067″]I haven’t gotten this paper since the election last month. Why do people keep stealing them?[/quote]

I’m sure their advertisers feel happy that the money they spend “getting exposure” just means the cruddy interior of a garbage dump or recycling plant.[/quote]

Someone is taking them I on Saturday night I saw them in front of every door. I went up to put away my grocerys and they had all been taken.

I think they are being taken for the same reason the signs are being removed to hold down the voter turn out.

The Campos campaign knows his votes are bought and paid for and wants to keep everyone else awy from the pols.

Get out the vote people.


aside from the crime, the scariest thing in the police beat this week was the realization that mike mullins does not know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there.’ i am aware that the reporter is not exactly known for it’s journalistic excellence, but that is ridiculous.


You can read a couple of the top stories and the Letters to the Editor off of … my block never gets them delivered, so I go to CVS on Sundays to get one off their trashcans.