Hoboken loses another tree

Familiar and useful tree removed from Elysian Park

Today, an old & familiar Mulberry tree over in the dog run at Elysian Park was removed.

The tree was split in the middle from the winds of Hurricane Irene last weekend. Many residents emailed Hoboken411 upset, thinking the tree didn’t have to be removed.

I’m assuming the tree was removed because it was a potential injury waiting to happen. However, I bet with a little research and less haste, you would have found a company that specializes in saving injured trees, rehabilitating them back to health (with metal straps to prevent any further damage).

Oh well, a bit too late now. All you can do is look at the bright side, and enjoy the more spacious feeling and better views of the NYC skyline.

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They also chopped down the tree in Church Square that was split in the storm. It too could have been fixed without cutting the whole thing down. They sure don’t want trees in our parks anymore, do they?


Tree was fine, just needed mending.