Indian Grill Lunch Truck

Indian Grill Lunch Truck popular in Hoboken NJ

With one Indian Restaurant – Anika’s Kati Roll Grill – closing down recently, the new Indian Grill Lunch Truck seen around Hoboken is doing pretty well from what I’ve seen.

And despite some previous concerns about the cleanliness of this truck, each time I’ve passed by, they had brisk business. And the inside of the munch-mobile appeared well-lit, clean and shiny to me! And the fact it provides Kati Roll options for residents, it’s a good thing!

Have you tried the Indian Grill Lunch Truck yet?

Hoboken Lunch Truck invasion continues with “Indian Grill”


You blink your eyes in Hoboken – and a new lunch truck will appear somewhere in town.

I swear, it’s hard to keep up with the Lunch Truck Brigade these days – as I spotted another one: the Indian Grill leaving their spot on Sinatra Drive this week. They must have something good going on, since they “Cater for All Occasion.”

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Hmmm, looks eerily similiar to this food truck.