InsideDigs: better way to find apartments?

Will InsideDigs revolutionize apartment hunting?

We all know that finding an apartment isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Whether it’s brutal Realtor fees, or shifty Craigslist listings – the apartment search process can be quite stressful.

Well – a new site called InsideDigs is looking to try a different angle for those looking for apartments – and recently launched in the tri-state area. See below for more information.

Would you think this model would work here in Hoboken?

Inside Digs InsideDigs Peer to Peer Apartment Rentals Hoboken NJ - InsideDigs: better way to find apartments?

What You Need To Know About

From InsideDigs:

  • “InsideDigs stands out from other sites like Craigslist because the listings are made by the renters themselves and we delete accounts that are made by brokers looking to profit.
  • Unlike Craigslist, when we say no fee we mean it.
  • To join the site and view listings, new members list their current apartments and when they plan on moving. This allows other renters to project when an apartment they like is going to be open before it’s placed on the market giving them a leg up on the competition.
  • InsideDigs has a built in messaging system which lets users connect to other users without using their email.
  • InsideDigs is free to join and old listings are removed to keep content fresh.

Currently InsideDigs is based in New York City and focusing on the Tri-State area. We will be broadening the site to other major cities including Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC.”

InsideDigs was recently mentioned on WPIX in a brief segment about the changing landscape for apartment hunters:

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