Some Hoboken areas “last on the list”

Cleanup on Park Ave!

6:45pm Update:
A Park Ave. resident sent this photo in and said: “Leo and the city crew came over and did a GREAT job chipping the tree up. Lewis Tree Service then came and cleaned up some of the limbs around the lines (as per PSE&G I would suppose). Great job by those guys, actually.”

Park ave cleanup Hoboken NJ - Some Hoboken areas "last on the list"

Despite dangerous conditions, residents fend for themselves

Hoboken had many areas affected by Hurricane Irene – some worse than others.

But this situation over on Park Ave. between 7th & 8th was a bit peculiar. A giant tree was uprooted and currently rests on live power lines.

No immediate acknowledgment from city; only 30 hours later

Residents in this neighborhood knew the extent of the potent weekend storm, but felt they were left hanging even with the extreme danger present with the live wires.

Some were a bit dismayed that PSE&G didn’t respond, Mayor Zimmer didn’t stop by (even for a trademark photo op), and 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino was nowhere to be found even though she lives right around the corner (they think she left town).

This afternoon, Leo Pellegrini from the Parks Dept. did assess the situation, and told residents that it was a precarious job since the tree was resting on the wires. The 15 units that lost power hope to have the tree cleaned up in a day or two.

One of the main reasons residents were upset (besides losing power and flooding) was because all they needed was some actual acknowledgment from city officials – instead they felt like they didn’t matter at all.

Note: They’re also concerned about what they believe is the next Hoboken Sinkhole near the 7th street side of Park. A new hole popped up in the street next to a manhole cover.

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the county has chippers to grind the trees ..hufnagel is oursourced by the barrys at the shipyard.. something isn’t kosher..excuse the pun.. Bergen county such as ridgewood little falls are loaded with trees..they manage..btw does the taxpayers still think less fire and police personal are unnecssary? Our committee girl in the second ward is making money in real estate..Notice no revolting ????


OH NO! A tree has been down on my street for more then a day when thousands of trees are down, millions of people are without power, and thousands are flooded out of their homes! Are these residents really that needy and self absorbed that they need personal acknowledgement that the city is going to remove the tree from one of the more heavily traveled streets in town. Imagine if each of Hoboken’s 50,000 residents wanted a personal acknowledgement of their complaint from the mayor!

Really! The city is not going to let the tree stay there. Recognize the job at hand. There are only so many tree services and so many PSE&G workers. Some areas are expected to be without power for over a week, and PSE&G is probably busy shutting off power in flooded communities. Relax, the tree will be removed and your power will be restored. Be happy the storm wasn’t as bad as forecast and that the tree didn’t fall on your house.