Hoboken Hurricane Documentary

Resident Randolfe Wicker chronicles life in Hoboken after Irene

Hoboken resident Randy Wicker put together a long look at what was going on in Hoboken after Hurricane Irene it’s videos like this that give you a real glimpse of how things were.

“Hoboken After Hurricane Irene”

“Hurricanes can actually be fun, provided that they fail to live up to expectations, cause little real damage, just a lot of inconvenience.

I went exploring Hoboken only to find most things quickly returning to normal.

However, there were the hurricane parties, hometown folks running around with their cameras & people letting their dogs swim in streets filled with water instead of walking them as usual.

The SUV crowd were roaring through water almost two feet deep & size-challenged small cars tried to part the waters with sheer speed. Sandbags blocked cellar stairs but all sorts of sump pumps were running everywhere.

Firemen were escorting little old ladies from local shelters back to their houses. Little kids played in the water. Older kids rode bicycles through it.

Yuppies paddled their way to higher dry land in inflatable boats they’d bought for just that purpose. Others showed off their solar powered & hand-cranked radio-flashlight combos.

A few residents blamed everything on the Mayor instead of Mother Nature. A brand new motorcycle barely showed through the top of water. It was some day & this video shares that moment.”

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Old-timer Randy had some good observations in his voice-over.