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brian stack june 2007 - Primary RecapBy now you know that Union City Mayor Brian Stack and his running mates, Hoboken Councilman Ruben Ramos and West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez, defeated West New York Mayor Sal Vega and his ticket, including Former Hoboken Councilwoman Carol Marsh and Nicole Garcia of Union City. The defeat goes down as one of the worst for an HCDO-backed ticket in memory, as Stack received 76% of the vote to Vega’s 23%. This even as the HCDO-backed candidates for County Executive, Clerk, and Sheriff were victorious countywide, despite huge deficits in Hoboken,

Much was made of the showdown between former running mates Marsh and Ramos, with people close to Marsh telling a local political columnist that a strong showing in Hoboken might even lead to talk of another run for Mayor. That did not happen. Here’s the Hoboken411 analysis of how Hoboken voted.

Top Of The Ticket

Brian Stack won every ward in Hoboken, beating Sal Vega 2893 to 1261, for a roughly 70% to 30% split. Stack’s totals were largest in the 3rd and 4th wards, where the Russo and Ramos voter turnout machines were running at full speed. The only ward that was close was the 6th, where Stack won with 232 votes over Vega’s 203. Typically, the 6th ward turnout was very weak, with half the number of voters that turned out in the 4th where Stack beat Vega 709 to 245.

Hoboken Assembly Results

ramos rodriquez hoboken - Primary Recap

Ruben Ramos got 2855 votes in Hoboken, compared to 1602 for Carol Marsh. If compared head-to-head, Ramos got 64% to Marsh’s 36%.

Ramos’ running mate for assembly — Cardidad Rodriguez – also polled significantly higher than Marsh, despite being an unknown in Hoboken. If compared head-to-head, Rodriguez beat Marsh 59% to 41%, which is less than the 43% Marsh got against David Roberts for Mayor in 2005.


Despite “favorite daughter” status in Hoboken, Marsh lost by significant margins to both Ramos and Rodriguez in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wards. She came in second to Ramos in the 5th ward, and was the top vote getter in Mayor David Roberts home ward – the 6th – where turnout was anemic.

First Ward

Ramos was top vote getter here with 397 votes, followed by Rodriguez with 308. Marsh received 220 votes, and her running mate Garcia got 176. Councilwoman Terry Castellano was behind the “Column B” team, even renting a storefront to Stack in Hoboken. Big votes came out of Marineview towers for Ramos and Stack.

Second Ward

There were high hopes for Marsh in her home ward, where Beth Mason just mounted a successful independent campaign for City Council against former Fire Chief Richard Tremitiedi. Different campaign, different result. Ramos was high vote getter in the 2nd with 442, followed by 341 for Rodriguez. Marsh came in third in her home ward with 258, followed by 190 for Garcia. Nearly the same number of votes came out of Applied Housing for Ramos as Tremitiedi received a few weeks ago, but unlike Mason, Marsh was unable to make up the deficit in the rest of the 2nd Ward.

Third Ward

With nearly a thousand votes cast, this was all about the Russo Family political machine getting their votes out for the Stack team. Ramos received 669 votes, followed by Rodriguez with 569. Marsh was a distant third with 238, and Garcia scored 178. Typically, Church Towers and Clock Towers, — large buildings with public employees and retirees — turned out big for Column B.

Fourth Ward

741 people voted for “favorite son” Ramos in his home ward. 591 voted for Rodriguez. Marsh got 275 votes, while Garcia received 229. Marsh was unable to build on the momentum of Dawn Zimmer’s 600+ vote result in last month’s election, instead pulling about as many votes out of the 4th as her allies Michael Lenz and Tony Soares did when they unsuccessfully ran for Council there in 2001 and 2003. Lenz was also on the ballot Tuesday as a candidate for County Democratic Committeeman, which he also lost.

Fifth Ward

The 5th ward has for decades been the cradle of more progressive thinking in Hoboken, and was the only ward Carol Marsh won in her battle with Dave Roberts two years ago. She trailed Ruben Ramos 385 to 353, but beat Rodriguez’s 298 vote tally to come in second. Garcia got 100 fewer votes than Marsh did, showing there was a lot of “bullet voting” going on. Many of Marsh’s votes did not carry over to the other HCDO candidates. They voted for Carol, and left the booth. Marsh may also have benefited here from the endorsement of State Senator and 5th Ward resident Bernie Kenny.

Sixth Ward

The home ward of David Roberts essentially slept through the primary like they did with the Council race. Still, the Mayor’s support of Marsh managed to get her enough votes to finish first in the 6th with 258 votes, followed by Ramos with 221. Garcia received 188 and Rodriguez got 155.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 2:49 pm

[quote comment=”29953″]We can go back and forth all day with analysis of the numbers, but the fact is in a battle of two old-school, patronage and pay-to-play driven political machines, Stack and Ramos won Hoboken big, and Vega and Marsh lost big. This is clear to everyone but you, apparently.[/quote] Me and the voters of the Fourth Ward, who unlike you, can see the difference between the Marsh/Zimmer influenced HCDO and the Russo/Ramos loyal Stack team. [quote comment=”29953″] Are you seriously trying to say Stack and Ramos had a hollow victory…?[/quote] Well yes, I guess I was. They sure looked hollow last week wondering how Campos could have lost. [quote comment=”29953″] Listen up everybody! Westsider says Marsh really won and Stack actually lost![/quote] I wouldn’t go QUITE that far, but very close. Stack won his seat, sure, but he was offered the Senate seat without a fight. He wanted to fight, so he raised and spent $1.2 million to elect Ruben Ramos and Cary Rodriguez. That’s it. Meanwhile his other loyal allies, Manzo, Turner, Campos, Fulop, and the rest all suffer. Marsh on the other hand lost an unwinnable fight for Assembly. In the process she deprived Cricco of support, paving the way for Peter’s win, and provided support to Dawn from the HCDO to counter Stack’s efforts. She also supported insurgents who seized control of the Hoboken Democrats, and helped Kid’s First take control of the Hoboken Board of Ed. Finally, she helped elect a County Executive, a County… Read more »

Red Haven
Red Haven
Sunday, June 10, 2007 1:40 pm

First of all, the name’s Red HAVEN. Google it and learn something Westsider. The only birds around here are the ones still flying around your head since you got hit with the results of the primary election. We can go back and forth all day with analysis of the numbers, but the fact is in a battle of two old-school, patronage and pay-to-play driven political machines, Stack and Ramos won Hoboken big, and Vega and Marsh lost big. This is clear to everyone but you, apparently. [quote comment=”29928″]Stack’s support in the Fourth was anything but overwelming. Stack got 709 votes. Campos got 746 on May 8th. So Stack’s support — far from overwelming — is just a transfer of the Campos/Ramos vote.[/quote] And a sitting hispanic assemblyman — Vega — got 245 in the 4th ward. That’s not overwhelming? Logic like that must lead you to believe getting 43% of the vote is a “Great Victory.” Are you seriously trying to say Stack and Ramos had a hollow victory after you spent so much time crafting reasons why Marsh actually did really well last week, despite the numbers? Talk about a contradiction. Listen up everybody! Westsider says Marsh really won and Stack actually lost! [quote comment=”29928″]Stack — in a lanslide against a pathetic candidate (Vega) — actually managed to LOSE the second district of the Fourth Ward, where Dawn must clean up if she intends to win.[/quote] Of course he lost the 4-2! That’s where all the yuppies who have… Read more »

Sunday, June 10, 2007 1:13 pm

“In the 5th Ward, please please don’t forget to vote for Peter Cunningham on June 12th.”

I just got the automatic call from Peter Cammarano supporting Perry. What a disappointment!

Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:13 pm

In the 4th Ward you have two choices – four years of Dawn or four years of……

Sunday, June 10, 2007 11:27 am

I agree with Westy (as usual!), Tama, Westsider, and At-Home that the most important thing is that Dawn (and Peter and Tom) is elected to City Council.

My missive was motivated by what appears to be some people’s apparent insistence on dividing the reformers into two camps, which has only one possible outcome and that is to weaken all reformers’ chances of success. The “machine” is divided and weakened – now is NOT the time for the reformers to immolate them. We have made incredible progress this year: 4 school board seats, 20+ Democratic Committee seats, and the chance for more than one City Council seat. If we can keep it together, we have the opportunity over the next two years to take 2+ more school board seats, double the number of Democratic Committee seats, and even put forth a complete slate of reformers for Mayor and City Council that could actually win.

Can we please focus on “kicking the bums out” of Hoboken instead of cutting other reformers down or worrying about who’s taking credit for what?

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