Hoboken ‘Hoods

A Hoboken411 reader reminded me that it’s time we “Officially” and collectively came up with new classifications for our neighborhoods. She was looking at some real estate, and wanted a place to ask readers specifically about that “neighborhood” +/- a few blocks. There is no real place to discuss what happens exactly in your neck of the woods!

Sure, we have basic names now, such as “Uptown”, “Downtown”, “Midtown”, “Projects”, etc. But we don’t have any cool names like NYC does. SoHo, LES, UWS, The Village, TriBeCa, and so on.

hoboken ward map and polling locations hoboken411 2.thumbnail - Hoboken 'HoodsSome people may say “Use the Ward Maps and associated districts”, but I’m not so sure that’ll work. As you can see, it doesn’t geographically make total sense.

It’s a tough job to do, so I figured I’d get the ball started and we can discuss what the neighborhood boundaries should be, and their associated names.

Once that is accomplished, I will create a section for EACH newly formed ‘Hood, and we can post comments on, etc.
Some points to keep in mind when we discuss:

  • My initial “concept” was 16 ‘hoods. I slapped a quick Google Map to get us started. At first, I thought it might be good to list every BLOCK. But if we start to have too many, then it’ll become burdensome to remember and hard to track. Not as simple as Up/Down/Mid, but comprehensive enough to be able to differentiate it from another area. “Just Right”, as they would say…
  • How should Bars/Restaurants factor into this, if at all? What about age, demographics, families, etc?
  • Certain buildings and areas are often called by their name. SkyClub, HTB, Church Towers, 77 Park, etc. But they should still be included as part of the ‘hood.
  • Some streets I felt needed their own tag. Such as Washington and Bloomfield (and possibly Hudson). I may be the only one that thinks that. If so, let me know.
  • Had some trouble coming up with ideas for the East side / River side.. any suggestions?
  • As we collectively “agree” on each neighborhood, I’ll update the Google Map accordingly

So if someone asks you where you live or what your favorite area of town is, what would you like to call it?

Here’s the link to the full-size Google Map.

hoboken hoods hoboken411 - Hoboken 'Hoods
hoboken hoods hoboken411 legend b - Hoboken 'Hoods

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Fun Bus scared me. Looked like the beginning of a horror movie: “They THOUGHT it was a bus full of fun… until it turned into the ride from HELL”. Something like that.

Anyhoo, you don’t know me but I assumed from your comments that you were in my ‘hood. 🙂

See, if we all had our own online 411 ‘hoods, we could meet our neighbors! (You don’t really expect us to leave our internet connections to meet them in person, do you? 8O).


What was up with that Fun Bus?

Also, do I know you Sarah?


I don’t think Hi-Rise East works. It should be ShipMax.


Folks, we’re not dividing up the Soviet Union here. No one’s putting up barbed wire and separating you from your family over this. it’s supposed to be fun – you do remember FUN, don’t you?? If not, head on over to the Rant Corner and flog yourself until you do.

Personally, I like the idea of having a spot for different areas. That way not everyone has to sift through area-specific question/comments. For example, if I want to ask “rabbiferret” what the hell was up with that “Fun Bus” in our neighborhood the other night, the rest of you don’t have to look at it.