Memoirs of a Bouncer

Reading tomorrow night at Nine from 7-10pm.

Press Release:

Memoirs of a Bouncer, The Real Men In Black:
Life On The Other Side Of the Velvet Rope

hoboken-bouncer.jpgNew York, New York – As a security professional, Mark Gadsden takes his job seriously. In fact, you could say that he’s written the book on it. “Memoirs of A Bouncer: The Real Men In Black,” (Authorhouse, 2006). A first class work dealing with the intricacies of the security business, using a multi level approach.

Mr. Gadsden is currently a professional security specialist and a FDNY Fire Safety Director at Teachers College, Columbia University. He has worked in the security field for more than 30 years, including supervising the major security concerns of top artists and corporate executives, as well as working “hands on” as a bouncer at clubs, lounges and restaurants throughout the New York City area.

On a personal note, when his son and his college friends wanted to go out clubbing in Manhattan, Gadsden told them everything they should be aware of – from which clubs were safe, to how to behave so they would not get “bounced,” and how to avoid trouble with people who might cause them harm. “After I spoke to my son and his colleagues that night, they informed me that everything I said turned out to be true.” They encouraged me to write about life after dark in the clubs and social gatherings in New York. Three and a half years later, the book was published, making Mr. Gadsden a highly sought out speaker on security as well as personal security

Gadsden hopes his book will increase awareness about the policies and procedures governing night life protocol and safety. “If a bouncer isn’t doing proactive things to maintain order, you might be in the wrong venue,” he says.

Mr. Gadsden’s next book reading is at Nine Restaurant & Lounge, 333 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030, and will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2007, from 7pm to 10pm. This event is sponsored in part by SKYY Vodka and Coors Light Beer.


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KK, Get Robs when it comes out in August.

kooky kat

Wow, which one will I run out and get first? 😈

I don’t know how much these guys make in the city, but I know they don’t make much more than 60-100 a night in Hoboken (depending on the bar of course.)


This guy: has a book coming out also, and he’s really hot. You should check out his blog for the humor.

Sporky Gugenheim
Sporky Gugenheim

Fat punchy guidos