Men Overboard in Hoboken!

Police: Two Men jump into Hudson River uptown

6:50am Update: Man got out of the water – and was spotted milling around near the Metropolitan building on the west side of uptown Hoboken. Guess beer pong isn’t a good idea during a hurricane.

6:20am Update: Sketchy details about the men involved with the river incident. They still haven’t found the missing man, and are uncertain about what happened or why (whether drugs or alcohol was involved). One of the men involved apparently lives in Hoboken, while the “missing” man is some kind of friend or acquaintance. Police are trying to determine if the man is still in the water, or is out and about elsewhere. Either way – a totally unnecessary incident and waste of police resources!

6:10am Update: From what I can gather, the man who notified police was supposedly one of the men in the water. And this incident involved “swimming from one boat to another.” Hoboken Police reached out to NYPD Harbor Patrol and NJ State Police, but they didn’t have any boats available to assist.

5:45am: At approximately 5:45am on August 28th – Hudson County Sheriffs notified Hoboken Police that they were flagged down by an individual uptown who said that two people had jumped into the Hudson River and “haven’t been seen.”

Police are now gathered on scene near 15th & Bloomfield (by the Hudson Tea Building), and were advised “not to go into the water.”

EMS and Hoboken Police on scene have yet to spot anyone as of 6:00am, and the search is continuing at this time.

Who does this stuff?

Hudson River men jump Hoboken NJ Hurricane Irene - Men Overboard in Hoboken!

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