Reporter Roundup – 6/3/2007

hoboken-reporter-letters-to-the-editor.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 6/3/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Updated the shredder photo today to be a little more realistic.

Sorry for the late review, so let’s get with it!

Cover Stories

  • HHA Repairs: Recently the Reporter did a series of reports on the poor conditions at a number of Hoboken Housing Authority buildings. Just in time for the elections they print a glowing update. The story includes a couple of “look what a great job we did!” quotes from HHA commissioners Chris Campos and Perry Belfiore, who are both coincidently in the runoff for city council next week. The story also includes multiple shout-outs to frequent advertiser Ursa/Tarragon, and a reference to a sign that says “Don’t Piss In Area” put up by an HHA resident.
  • Fourth Ward Brawl: Found the other cover story to be a bit top-heavy. It outlines the charges and counter-charges being exchanged in the Fourth Ward between the Campos and Zimmer campaigns. Campos and his campaign manager Peter Cammarano allege the Zimmer people have intimidated voters. The Zimmer people point out Campos and Cammarano can’t seem to file their campaign disclosure forms on time, and the ones they have filed include donations from many developers, including Adam Mermelstein, who was recently voted as NYC’s WORST LANDLORD, and has several projects going in Hoboken. Mr. Cammarano knows voter fraud stories make headlines, and takes attention away from the issues of the campaign. Don’t let that fool you. Remember what Peter is doing today when he asks you for his vote for Mayor two years from now. The story also points out that the race to the runoffs in the fifth and sixth wards have been quiet and uneventful compared to the throw down in the fourth. Residents of the Fourth Ward: Don’t waste your vote!


  • Primary Preview: Page 3 has a fairly dry rehash of who is running in the Primary TODAY.
  • 1600 Park Posturing: The Briefs on page 5 mark the return of Peter Cammarano and his “Port-O-Podium,” which has moved from Sybil’s Cave up to 1600 Park Ave (also read the Uptown Green Coalition post). Cammarano, Campos, Ruben Ramos, Mike Russo, and Nino Giacchi were there. They complained that Carol Marsh and Tom Degise were taking too much credit for getting the site designated as a park. They said Marsh wasn’t on the city council when they actually signed the papers to buy the land. The brief makes no mention that Cammarano wasn’t even of legal drinking age when Marsh was fighting the plan to build two 23-story condo towers there. Whoops!
  • “It’s Sholf!”: Ink is spent promoting a combination golf and shuffle board game that “Party With A Purpose” was paying for a fundraiser. The problem? The fundraiser was the same day the newspaper was delivered. Bad timing for promotion, but it did get defeated city council candidate Scott Delea’s name back in the paper, and reminded people he still hasn’t endorsed anybody for the fifth ward runoff.
  • Self Promotion: There is an article about an anthology of New Jersey writers. What’s this doing here? Oh… the editor of the newspaper is one of the authors. Now I get it. There is also another page with a story about some journalism awards for the paper.
  • Cute Dog: This week’s mandatory Reporter dog story is about a guy who lives in Hoboken and works for Z100 whose dog is so cute it won a cute dog contest. Something for him to think about the next time Elvis Duran yells at him to get more coffee. (Just kidding!)
  • Wedding Costs: A hard-hitting expose on how much it will cost to have a Hudson County Mayor perform a marriage for you. The answer for Hoboken: it’s free as long as you let Dave Roberts cut a ribbon while you cut the cake!

Letters to the Editor

Three pages! What, are they trying to have a “comment section”? Nah, it’s the last week for letters ahead of the primary election, so those can only be positive according to the Reporter’s rules. Runoff letters can be negative because it is the second-to-last paper printed before that vote.

  • HCDO Letters: Three letters from the “Column A” crowd. The first is from Bernie Kenny, second from Tom Degise, and the third from Carol Marsh. Each is boiler plate “Vote for us in the HCDO” stuff. For some reason Marsh decides to point out that David Roberts is supporting her run for assembly. Considering the results of last month’s council election that may not be the best move.
  • DFHC Letters: The “Column B” crowd used a different tactic than the HCDO, with no candidate letters printed. 4th ward commiteeman Frank Gullo, School Board Member/City Director Carmelo Garcia, and Applied Housing honcho Raul Morales wrote the pro-Stack letters this week.
  • Odd Woman Out: Always good for an “alternative viewpoint, Councilwoman-at-Large Terry LaBruno had a rather unique endorsement letter. She advises people to only vote for Hoboken residents, regardless of what line they are on. LaBruno says vote for Ruben Ramos on Row B, Jimmy Farina on Row D, and Carol Marsh on Row A (in that order). She also endorsed Degise, but would only “wish luck” to both Stack and Vega. Hmm…
  • Campos Crew: The letters about the fourth ward were even slimier than the front page article. Cammarano was back, likening Dawn Zimmer to “a dirty pig”. A letter signed by a “Mr. Rodriguez” claimed Zimmer buckled to the Fire Chief on the issue of regionalization. He didn’t mention Campos buckled to the Fire Chief over the Southwest Redevelopment Plan, which includes a high-rise condo building on his Newark Street property. Doh!
  • Zimmer Zingers: Letters from Dawn, Doug Snyder, and William Funk focus on campaign finance issues associated with the Campos campaign. They say Campos takes too long to file his forms, and takes too much money from developers. Hmm, what else is new? Why doesn’t this matter to anyone?
  • Fifth Ward Follies: Candidate Perry Belfiore takes several column inches to draw several distinctions between him and fellow runoff candidate Peter Cunningham. One of the many points of contrast he mentions is that Cunningham is a Republican. Meanwhile another letter was signed by five Democrats announcing their support for Cunningham regardless of party affiliation. Two of the people who signed the letter are HCDO candidates for Democratic Committee. Former Parking Authority member Donald Pellicano wrote a letter criticizing Cunningham’s campaign comments, and endorsing Belfiore. Perhaps Mr. Pellicano didn’t get the word that his nemesis Jeff Faria is working on the Belfiore campaign.
  • Sixth Ward Notes: Tom Foley writes another long, lawyerly letter about his “Four P’s” campaign for Parks, Parking, Pickles and Popsicles, or something like that. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. Jane Zeff also implores people to talk to Foley because if they do, they might like him. His opponent Nino Giacchi was treated to an endorsement letter from retiring 2nd ward councilman Richard DelBoccio, and the Sciancalepore Family, who somehow found it appropriate to sign the names of three minor children to a political letter.
  • Others: Jim Doyle wrote a letter asking questions about the $6.7 million Toll Brothers/Maxwell Place taxpayer parkland giveaway, and the Seriale family thanked the Police Department.

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[quote comment=”29456″]The Elections on June 12th are simple math. Dawn beat Campos 292-45 in the 2nd District of the 4th ward. This district is the Sky Club, Skyline, Harrison Court, the Grande and a bunch of other new buildings and smaller ones that surround them.

Unfortunately only 25% of all registered Voters actually showed up at the Polls or submitted Absentee ballots. Compare that to nearly 50% of the voters in the Housing Authority that almost all voted for Chris 372-25.

Since the 2nd District has 400+ more voters than any other district this election would not even be close if Dawn’s voters showed up at the polls in force equal to the Housing Authority. Tell your neighbors and friends that if they want a say to who represents them and their tax dollars you and they need to vote. If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.[/quote]

This is the calculus!!!! Put it on a placard and stand outside the PATH station at 6PM on 6/12!!!!


point taken. I usually don’t but I have some extra time on my hands, so why not kill it?


[quote comment=”29479″]gman, can I get a reason to lighten up? I can’t believe the way rambling goes on and on on this site. It’s like a bitch-fest. Other threads interest me more.[/quote]

Geez, grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.


gman, can I get a reason to lighten up? this site is like a b*tchfest already.


gman, can I get a reason to lighten up? I can’t believe the way rambling goes on and on on this site. It’s like a bitch-fest. Other threads interest me more.