The most beautiful animal in Hoboken

Oscar stare-down contest

Note: The following video is intended only for those that admire, love and respect gorgeous dogs (as well as Stereolab fans). Move along if you don’t have an interest in either. Another Hoboken story will follow in an hour or two…

Dug this clip up from my gargantuan archive of “unsorted” material the other day.

For some strange reason, I decided to engage the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar in a staring contest on video. I let the camera run, while I did nothing other than stare at him (because this fella stares at me all day while I’m trying to concentrate – it was time to repay the favor.)

I’m sure dog owners understand what I’m about to say – but for those that have never owned your own pooch – it’s one of the strongest bonds you’ll ever experience. Often exceeding the bond you can achieve with your average human.

When you spend a lot of time with your four-legged friend, you’ll find that they’re actually quite expressive, and tell many stories from their non-vocal body language, eye and face movement and more. The level of trust, loyalty, acceptance, faithfulness and dedication is a blessing – and often times a curse. Why?

Because you might hold “regular” people to this amazing standard. And those are some hard shoes to fill.

Enjoy the video (as simple and beautiful as it is – and please watch Oscar’s eyes – stunning).

PS – I originally entitled this video as “Oscar’s Modeling Demo” before I actually watched it a few times. Thought it was the best fit at the time, since it was just him on screen. But it took me a bit to remember all the details. Love this pooch. Never EVER mess with a man’s best friend – seriously.

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Yeah, kids are really cute until they turn three or so and begin to raise hell over not having their own cellphone.

Oscar is adorable. And one thing he gives that humans don’t is unconditional love.


I’ve had dogs and now I have a one year old daughter.

Take the feeling you get from your dog and multiply it by about 1,000. 😉


Gorgeous pooch! 🙂


Love the video- Oscar is so beautiful and has such expressive eyes!!![quote comment=”211216″]Gorgeous pooch! [/quote]