Hoboken Week in Review: 8/21/2011

Weekly Recap for Hoboken, NJ – August 21, 2011

Hoboken Week in Review August 21 2011 - Hoboken Week in Review: 8/21/2011

A selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, August 21st, 2011:

Politics and City Happenings

  • Which Way?Hoboken’s list of special street corners has grown tremendously over the past couple years!
  • Contradictory CityThe Mayor says she supports less traffic congestion and pollution – yet adds more traffic lights. Looks like a “one term press release” to me!
  • Garbage CheckerDid you know our county employs people to monitor garbage? It’s getting to be too much!
  • Council in a nut-shellSome residents think the Hoboken City Government is sort of unproductive.
  • Social Networks killing face-to-face?Just watch how obsessed people are with their smart-phones. Even when outside, or with friends! What gives?

Hoboken Crime & Incidents

Business Updates & Events

Today in History

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.”

– Thomas Aquinas

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