Sinkhole Skeleton

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Assurance that one section of Sinatra Drive won’t sink again

Mayor Dawn Zimmer called the recently re-opened Sinatra Drive North (an extremely low-traffic thoroughfare) a “vital artery” in Hoboken, yet endorses a bonafide major arteryClinton Street – to be voluntarily closed when the 14th Street Viaduct is re-built.

Below is a photograph of the “area formerly known as the collapsed road at Sinatra Drive and often incorrectly called a Sinkhole” while it was under repair. Strong steel girders were pounded into the earth, welded & bolted together, ensuring that THIS section probably won’t collapse for a long, long time.

The rest of the area – well, do you like to gamble?

Hoboken Sinatra Drive Sinkhole Skeleton - Sinkhole Skeleton

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People only like improvements in the infrastructure if it doesn’t inconvenience them. 😕


As I posted before about the Viaduct, this project is a
reconstruction/replacement, not just simply a rehabilitation. As a
replacement, all aspects of the viaduct have to be up to modern day guidelines and regulations, not 1908 design “standards”. As a result, a minimum clearance is required for underpasses which Clinton Street does not meet. The only way to create enough clearance for Clinton would be to change the grade which would result in flooding, or start the Viaduct approach further East, which is not possible because of the location of the existing Willow Street intersection.