Rubber Sidewalks?

Yesterday on Park Ave. I nearly tripped and broke my mouth on a sidewalk with the roots of a tree pushing one of the slabs upward. I hadn’t even had a drink yet!

What a coincidence it was that a Hoboken411 reader sent this observation in about a story she saw regarding rubber sidewalks. Environmentally friendly, and apparently easier to manage.

Will Hoboken ever do anything about it? I mean we’re already “Tree City USA”, they might as well give it a shot.

Just saw this piece on the evening news about a woman in Sacramento who started a company called – it’s an alternative to traditional concrete sidewalks made out of recycled tires. The purpose is not only a green option but because of the recycling, but the purpose is for urban sidewalks where there are trees. So when tree roots need more room – instead of cracking the sidewalks, the rubber side walks can be uplifted easily for maintenance of the roots, and so the sidewalks move for the tree…instead of cutting the trees down so cities don’t have to keep spending money on replacing sidewalks. it’s a more expensive option up front (about $4 more per square foot) but in the long term maintenance it’s a total money saver.

For those city council members who read 411, this is good for them to see, and us to advocate.


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Sinatra Street could probably use those. . .

My mother slipped and fell last week and had to go to the hospital. The area below Castle Point where the storm drainage spills out over the sidewalk is perpetually a slippery mess of slime that people from out of town don’t know to avoid. Something should be done about that.


I have a park near where i live that has some sort of rubber based material coving the play area for the little kids . The first 2 years it was great but now it if getting spongey in spots and those spots are becoming a trip hazard. And with all of the drunks in hoboken it might be good news and bad news. 1 you trip easily and 2 you bounce up with no injury


Lots of links to recycling on this site…. here is one about tires


This is the same material that is used for running tracks correct? All recycled material?

I’ve been looking around. Does anyone have any resources to site as to weather or not this actually a good thing for the environment or is this one of those things where the act of recycling the rubber actually cuts a bigger hole in the ozone?


I think they are using something similar to the Rubberoo with Microban around the playsets.

I looks a lot like the stuff on page 2 of this PDF.